A Primer In How Not to Introduce a Blog

I have a lot of good ideas.

As I type that, I can just picture how your faces look.  You’ve got this mildly amused smile, and your eyes are showing some hint of “yeah, right, and Napoleon Bonaparte was a lovely man who thought people should be the best of friends. Until he killed them.”

All right, I’ll admit that I’m not always a paragon of wisdom or even wise decisions.  The many dents in my trusty car, named Horatio for his faithfulness, are an obvious testament to my lack of sense. I like to call these bad decisions “character building.” Let’s just say I have a lot of character.

But have a little faith, guys.  See, while this idea might have sprouted from me like Athena  breaking out of old Zeus’ cranium, it’s grown into something much more than that.  Starting from my original advertisements on Twitter for new posters to an old blog I once ran, these five women that join me took the concept of a romance blog and ran with it.  Now, we are six strong—and if that isn’t fierce, then I don’t know what is. We aim at being an all-inclusive blog, devoted to the subgenres of romance.

All of us has had a hand in some part of this blog, rushing to make our September 1st deadline.  There’s new Crimson Romance regency debut author Katherine Bone; Cora Lee, who writes Regencies and just won Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s Historical Romance contest; Amy Nichols Pfaff, Regency lover and member of Carolina Romance Writers; Lisa Lin, an aspiring contemporary writer who finished law school with flying colors; and Jennelle Holland, contemporary romantic suspense and erotica author.  Most of us are members of that grand organization Romance Writers of America, and we all owe our newfound friendship to that wacky, wonderful place of Twitter.  As for me, when I’m not plotting world domination or buying an unhealthy amount of shoes, I’m working on two regency novels and blogging as Hello Writer.

So because my fellow writers think I’m the one here who will willingly hurl herself into the line of fire, screaming “Take me first! It’ll be fabulous!’  here I am, introducing you to a new blog that I hope will become one of your absolute favorites.  It already is for me, but then, I am biased.  Where else, I ask you, can you get smashing romance reviews, interviews, copious thought patterns of crazy writers, all with a smattering of glorious high tea?

You’re probably asking now, why tea? What makes tea so infinitely superior to say, cola? While that caffeinated beverage does have its positives, there is something so undeniably British about tea that we couldn’t resist the appeal.  Even those of us who don’t utter things like “I’ll cast up my accounts” and “she’s an ape leader for sure,” know it.  Tea is soothing, familiar, like a dear friend popping by but better because it’s quiet and doesn’t demand you clean your house.

That, at least, is a promise we can hold to.  While we’re dishing about the hottest heroes, the best new releases, and the steamiest scenes, we will never ask that you remain in reputable condition.  (In fact, being a romance blog, we encourage you to be wild and adventurous—after all, what is romance for but to stir your imagination?) You can read us in your pajamas, with your mug of tea, and we want nothing more than to capture your attention for a bit.  If only you could say the same for the rest of the world.

But for those ten minutes it takes to read our latest post, we’ll provide you quiet respite.  Picture us like your own tropical island, replete with pineapples, cabana boys, and you guessed it—iced tea.

83 thoughts on “A Primer In How Not to Introduce a Blog

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better and wish you a long and successful run. I’ll be stopping by often with cup in hand (I’m a Southern girl. We love our tea!) and can’t wait to try one of those delicious scones (who doesn’t love a good scone?) That I’m looking forward to hot heroes and feisty heroines goes without saying. 😉

    Welcome to the Romance Blogging neighborhood!

    The Romance Dish

  2. I’m the first to comment! Whee!

    Congrats on the new blog, ladies. I know you’ll have fun with it! Happy Blog Birthday! ❤

  3. Congrats on the new blog. I was intrigued by the ‘tea’ – since I’m a tea drinker – hot, and iced. When I can’t quite get my writing mojo going I know it’s time for hot tea and a big chocolate cupcake! That and a romance novel is my happy place. Looking forward to reading and being inspired here.

  4. Congratulations Ladies!! I’m always excited to read another blog even while I’m racking my brain to keep my own going. I’ll be sure to add your link to my List of Favorite Places on mine. Looking forward to visiting and joining in the fun. xoxo

  5. Erica, you make this sound like a fun place to be. Since tea gives me a headache, I hope you won’t mind if I bring my cup of coffee with me. Scones go well with coffee, too. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  6. Congratulations, ladies! Looks like your debut is one of THE crushes of the Season! I’m looking forward to stopping by often and catching up on the very latest in scandal, romance and of course TEA !!

    • Dearest Louisa, thanks so much for stopping by. We do have delightful gossip. And the scones are my personal recipe, at least for this first round (and maybe the next too, depending on what my fellow Tea Mistresses bring about).

  7. This looks like a fun place. I’m known as a coffee drinker, but I’ll have a cup of tea every once in a while. 🙂 I’ll definitely have some scones! I’m looking forward to hanging out here.

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