Introducing Katherine Bone

Are you ready for Tea Time? (Cue Monday night football voice/music)

Hi everybody!  My name is Katherine Bone.  I’m so glad Erica invited me to join her, and our wonderful panel of gifted authors, in the tea room. (Thanks, Erica.  Waving!!!  Hi, Jennelle, Amy, Lisa and Cora!!!)  Tea rooms are excellent venues for an afternoon break.  One never knows when Alice might drop in…

Mad hatters aside, there may be occasions when I show up for teatime improperly dressed or sauced.  If that happens, just nod and say, oh, it’s just Kathy.  Why?  Well, I must make a confession.  While I write Regency and Contemporary romance, I’m addicted to pirates. Yes, Rogues, Rebels & Rakes of the Captain Jack Sparrow variety.  Truth be told, if my resident Rogue approved, I would have a life-size version of Captain Jack in my office right now, or perhaps… in my bedroom.  (But I digress.)  As it stands, I must satisfy my cravings with posters of Johnny Depp, Captain Jack figurines (some tell tales), lunch boxes, bobbleheads, ships, some in bottles, a shark, and a ceramic pirate skull candy dish that my youngest made for me a few years ago.  Did I mention I also have dreads?

I do hope I haven’t scandalized you by my confession, my fellow tea mates.  Tea is a fabulous time to dish ondits.  But I must fire a warning shot over my bow.  There may be moments when I suddenly spout pirate jargon.  You see, I have a treasure trove of pirate research books at my fingertips. Aye!  And plenty of pirate romance to digest in my TBR pile.  (I’m a well-propertied woman!)

Combining passion and idiosyncrasy allows for the spark of wonderful ideas.  If you enjoy something, run with it.  (Like a pirate fetish.)  Life is too short not to be experienced.  Life is serious enough without falling into despair.  What is my message?  Hope.  What kept Columbus sailing when superstitions labeled him insane?  Hope.  What has drawn politicians from every nation to the UN?  Hope.  What did Captain Jack say when he propelled himself expertly from one ship to the next?  “And that was without any rum.”

My message to you, as I lift my right pinky and take a sip of steamy black tea laced with rum, is this.  If I believed what everyone told me, I wouldn’t have a book debuting October 29th from Crimson Romance.  Hope, my darling tea lovers, is a deal breaker or a deal maker.  You have to believe in order to receive.

And now that I’ve shared my inner Kathy, I think I’ll adhere to the code and answer some of the questions posed to our panel.  (They are more than guidelines anyway.)

What was the first romance novel you ever read?

Oh, back when I was just a deck hand, I’d always wondered why my mother didn’t react to cannon fire when she was reading those pretty books with hunky dudes on the cover.  (Pirate!)  All I would get for interrupting her was a signal flag informing me to “Shush and go away.”  I didn’t realize it then, but that book was The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Up until that time, I hadn’t been a big reader per se.  But one day, my mother handed me the book and I feel in love with Woodiwiss’s writing style, historical voice, and intricately woven stories that wrapped around me and held me spellbound for hours on end— not to mention years.

Your house is on fire- which five romance novels do you grab on your way out?

(Not that demmed undead monkey!) Hmmm… that used to be easy. Now I have my Kindle, which is full of books. I’d probably grab that, after I grabbed my Netbook and thumb drives. LOL!  But if I had to name my favorite romance novels, I’d choose, Hummingbird by LaVyrle Spencer, Yargo by Jacqueline Susann, Come Love a Stranger by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (named my daughter after heroine), Captive Embraces by Fern Michaels, and Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey. On my Kindle these days, MV Freeman’s, Shana Galen’s, Katharine Ashe’s and Michelle Beattie’s books.

What is your secret passion?

Isn’t much of a secret anymore, is it?  LOL!!!  I adore pirates!  And anything that Johnny Depp and Gerard Butler star in. Johnny has a unique way about him that unleashes character within character and conveys the witty verve I adore in a rake. Gerard, or Gerry, (I prefer the sound of the Scottish Gerard) harnesses the brash, rugged, savage alpha male, the rogue who will sacrifice all for the woman or rebel he loves. Have you ever seen him in Attila?  (Arrr!  I need a bucket of cold water!)

Why do you write romance?

There’s rum?  Seriously, love is the most wonderful experience any two human beings can share.  It precedes and outdates everything.  Men kill to protect it.  Countries go to war over it.  Loves biggest claim to fame— it is the last word spoken at death.  Taking this into account, how can writing romance not be the most powerful literature in the world?  (Take that, Pembridge Scholars!!!)

Why do I write romance? I write romance in part, to experience the wonder of new love all over again and to share that emotion with others. If ever there was a deeper calling for a writer, it’s to touch another human being’s heart.  (As opposed to cutting it out and spending 10 years ferrying the dead.)

Is there anything in your book that comes from personal experience?

My book DUKE BY DAY, ROGUE BY NIGHT debuts in October.  It’s the first in the Nelson’s Tea trilogy.  My life shares a few similarities to the characters and plot as I’ve traveled extensively and learned to think on the fly.  To capture that adventurous spirit, explore the desire to be more is what I want to convey through my characters.  And most importantly, as I cherish family above anything else in my life, my characters will do anything and everything to protect those they love.

What is your favorite kind of tea, and how do you drink it?

“Why is the rum always gone?”  Seriously, I adore black tea, especially Scottish, English and Irish teas because they are a good dark, potent blend.  Russian tea is a wonderful extravagance that I don’t get to enjoy often but I have a good friend who supplies it on occasion.   A good day begins with tea and includes a fresh pot for mid-day as I linger over one of my mother’s delicious cream or lemon/ginger scones.

Now that you know more about me, where are you going to go?  “DisneyWorld to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, mate.”

I’ve got my eyes on the horizon and my compass points to what I want most— you, dearest tea lovers!  Though I’ll be at my local writing chapter’s meeting today, don’t lose heart.  I shall check in and post on occasion.  In the meantime, share a fabulous Captain Jack quote that inspires you.  Or share your preference, Jack or Will Turner, Barbossa or that freaky guy with the wooden eyeball, undead or live monkey?  My spyglass is raised…


31 thoughts on “Introducing Katherine Bone

  1. Yarrr! Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride at DisneyLAND (yes, the one in CA, not the FL one). And that was well before Johnny Depp was on the scene. That having been said, Gerard Butler all the way. It’s the thighs, matey. So glad to have you here, Kathy. And here’s to hoping your debut shivers our timbers but good. Welcome!

  2. You always make me laugh, Katherine! This was a lovely post, and you’ve just lengthened my to-read list. I’m never going to make a dent in it, I swear.
    And, as I have since our odd conversations about dukes and rogues, I look forward to your release.
    You deserve it!

    • Hi Deborah!!! Thank you for your well-wishes! I would love for this book to do really well and your kind words touch me deeply. 😉

      You haven’t seen Gerard in Attila? Oh my gosh! Run, don’t walk to Netflix or order it on Amazon. You won’t be sorry!!!! I promise!!!!

  3. Hi Katherine! Congrats on the upcoming book – what a thrill and if it’s pirates, I’m in! : )
    I love pirates, shipboard romances and anything having to do with the sea. An early romance read for me was CAPTIVE PASSIONS by Fern Michaels and I wanted so much to be a lady pirate! Just read and reviewed HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY by Katharine Ashe – amazing shipboard romance with a tough lady captain and a ex-pirate hero.

    I’d have to say I’d choose Jack over Will – he makes me laugh and I’m all in when he proclaims “Drink up me hearties. Yo ho!” : )

    • Hi Amy!!! You’re a true fan and a girl after me own heart!!! I LOVE Fern Michaels’s Captive series. I devoured them all so fast! And that series influenced the genre I’ve chosen to write.

      I haven’t read that particular Katharime Ashe book yet. It’s in my TBR pile. So excited that you like Ms Ashe’s books. She gave me a phenomenal blurb for my book and is a fabulous lady!!! I admire her greatly!!

      Oh and when Jack snaps that compass closed and his voice gets low to sing the diddy you mention. Youza!!!! 🙂

    • Becky!!!!! Aw, thank you so much. (Bowing humbly.). I’m ticked that you think I’m witty. I also appreciate your support!!!

      Everyone Becky is my Historical sister at Crimson Romance. Make sure to check out her book THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE!!!!

      • I love blogging. I love blogging. I love blogging. I have to keep repeating this to myself. I keep getting all these great book recommendations from people and it’s blowing my book budget completely out of the water. Blast. LOL!

  4. What a fun introduction Kathy! 🙂 I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy-Johnny Depp was such a riot as Jack Sparrow. (Though I loved him in Chocolat too). Though of course the romance writer/lover in me was also all about the love story between Will and Elizabeth, lol.

    I liked your list of five books that you’d save. I’m a big fan of Katharine Ashe, and I recently started reading Shana Galen’s books-really enjoyed Lord and Lady Spy. I also adore Johanna Lindsey’s Malory series but never read this one in the series. Must get on it! 😀

    • Hi Lisa!!! Thanks for posting!!! Chocolat was a great Depp movie. Loved the gypsy look! POTC is so much fun. I have all the movies and soundtracks too! I even have Captain Jack Valentines… Just because. Lol!

      Loved the Mallory series!!! Great pirate authors out there. I’ve been told countless times pirates don’t sell. But as you can see from Katharine Ashe, Shana Galen, Michelle Beattie, Bobbi Smith, Jennifer Ashley and Johanna Lindsey they do. I hope my book will be half as good as the ones who’ve come before it!!!

  5. Yes! What a great introduction! And Katherine Bone, you crack me up with your tales of high seas and rum loving pirates! Do you really have tale-telling figurines? Dreads? So funny! I can’t wait for your release dates so I can read your books. I’m sure they will entertain the heck out of me! : D

    • Hey Lesia!!! (Lesia blogs with me over at Thanks for stopping by today!!!

      Yes, my Captain Jack figurines tell tall tales. “Rocks! There be rocks dead ahead!” Then “Watch the rocks, mate!” That happens to be my favorite dialogue section!!!

      Girl you know my book comes out October 29th!!! But I will play because I see I didn’t post my release date here today. Thank you for noticing!!! (You’re the best!)

      • Tehe….What are blog-sisters for, aye? (Blushing)

        “Rocks! There be rocks…?” Hahaha….I might have to find me some figurines…..cow figurines that speak Moo!

        Have fun with your new blog! It’s great to see you brightly shining! Mwuah, Sista! ❤

  6. Kathy! Great first blog, lovey! 🙂

    You know that pirates are close to my heart. *winks*

    I love the pics in this blog, especially the one with you and the cutlass. Fabulous!

    Congrats again on your upcoming debut! I’ll be on the lookout for buy links!

    • Woo-hoo!!!! Marnee’s in the house!!!! (waving) 😀

      Marnee is one of the crew on the Romance Writer’s Revenge. LOVE that blog!!!! Great pirate crew!!!

      Thanks for the congrats on my book, Marnee!!! And wouldn’t you know. I’ve got more pictures of me in pirate gear. Lol! Gotta get my picture taken every time I see something or someone piratey. ;). Pirate!

  7. I know I’m a few days late in posting but I just had to give a big shout out to my dear friend Kathy! Girl you crack me up! And I can’t wait to read your book! 😀

    • Musing Sallie!! I LOVE your handle!! I’ve tried to respond to this post 4 times via my cell phone and couldn’t get it to follow through. I apologize for taking so long to get back here. Thank you for posting!!

      I wanted to say, it’s never too late for rum and tea. You’re a girl after my own heart!!! 😉

    • Gripping Beast, your handle is magnificent!!! Where did you and Musing Sallie get these glorious call signs? Love ’em! Thanks for posting!!

      My blog is one of a kind? Very cool! Or was it me? Muahahahaha! Thanks for commenting on my pictures. I love to put on different hats when I go places and I’m not afraid to ham it up for the camera. I should have been an actress. LOL! But I’m more happier behind the scenes.

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