Heeeeeere’s Cora!

I’ve been submerged in a migraine for over a week now, but I’ve managed to surface long enough to introduce myself to you all…in the dark (it’s the middle of the night as I write this).  When I finally kick this thing, you’ll see me around the blog a lot more.  But for now, here’s a little bit about me to ease the wait.

1. What was the first romance novel you ever read?

I don’t remember exactly the first romance novel I read, but I do remember the first one I liked.  It was The Heir by Grace Burrowes (which shows you how long I’ve been reading romance!).  I was home on medical leave (a story for another time) and had discovered a wealth of e-books for under a dollar to help me pass the time.  A lot of them were in the You Get What You Pay For category, but The Heir was a good story, very well written, with characters I liked.  As with potato chips, one is never enough, so I kept reading romance.  I guess you could say that Grace Burrowes was my gateway author  😉

2. Your house is on fire–which five romance novels do you grab on your way out?

Can one of my five be my Kindle?  If so I’m set!  But I suppose the spirit of the question is meant to get me to delineate five favorites, so I’ll give it a try.  Slightly Married by Mary Balogh is a must, as is The Soldier by Grace Burrowes.  I have a soft spot in my heart for warriors, especially the wounded kind, and both Aidan Bedwyn and Devlin St. Just fit the bill.  The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn comes too, for Anthony Bridgerton is a wounded soul, and he meets his match in Kate, who I adore.  A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh is one I’ve read several times—lots of things going on, lots of emotion, but it never seems hurried or crowded.  I aspire to write a book like that, and I love reading it.  I think my last pick is going to be The Dragon and the Rose by Roberta Gellis, not because I love it so much (it was published in 1980 and reflect the style of the time), but because it’s the only book I can find about Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York that actually captures a bit of them on a personal level, yet still sticks to the known facts of the day.  Underdog heroes are also a favorite of mine, and who was a bigger underdog in history than Henry at Bosworth?

3. What is your secret passion?

I suppose that depends on what “secret” means.  There are many things the reading public doesn’t know about me yet, but my family does.  Does that count?  Okay, then let’s talk Law & Order.  Yes, the TV show, in all its incarnations.  The original was my favorite, until they discontinued it.  I discovered Law & Order: UK on BBC America a couple of years ago and fell in love again…til the cable channels changed, and I didn’t get BBC American anymore!  SVU is good, Criminal Intent is okay, and I tried to like Los Angeles…but, as the TNT commercials used to say “the original is the best”.  I still watch reruns when they’re on, even though I’ve seen them all.  Detective Logan and Executive ADA Mike Cutter are my favorites.  Any guesses as to why?  😉

4. Why do you write romance?

I write romance for the same reason I read it—to remember that there really is such a thing as Happily Ever After.  Sometimes it feels like Life is conspiring with Fate (or something else entirely) to keep you juggling problem after problem, and that’s true in romance novels, too.  But in the books, everything works out in the end…and that’s what I keep working toward.

5. Is there anything in your book that comes from personal experience?

The book I’m working on is a Regency, so there are a lot of things in it I could never experience first hand.  Waltzing with a handsome duke, for example J  But emotion is universal, and a lot of what my characters express comes from various parts of my life.  My heroine, Kate, is a Smart Girl who doesn’t fit with the “in” crowd…or anyone else.  And that’s pretty much the story of my adolescent years.  John, Lord Wrexham is my hero, and he is basically a control freak.  He has the power, money, and authority to order his world the way he wants it, and, because of events in his past, he doesn’t handle surprise very well.  That’s a little bit me, though ten years of teaching high schoolers have just about cured me of it.  I can—to borrow a hockey phrase—change on the fly pretty well, but I’m still a planner at heart.

6. What is your favorite kind of tea, and how do you drink it?

I’m not really a tea drinker.  And that whooshing sound you just heard was all my English ancestors gasping simultaneously 🙂  I have discovered that mint tea is nice when I don’t feel well, but the only kind I truly like is Tazo Organic Apple Red.  It’s got a little caramel flavoring in it, and it sweet enough on it’s own that I don’t have to add anything at all.  Then, of course, they stopped making it!  So now I guess I’m looking for a new favorite tea.  Decaff only, please.  Any suggestions?


21 thoughts on “Heeeeeere’s Cora!

  1. Welcome Cora!

    We like a lot of the same books, thought that’s no surprise. You have listed some fabulous writers.

    As for tea, have you tried sweet orange by Tazo? I love it and add a splash of lemon when I have a could and need some comfort.


    • Hi Amy! Thanks for the welcome…and the suggestion 🙂 I have tried the sweet orange, but found it strange drinking a flavor hot that I’m used to having cold. I wonder if I could drink it iced?

  2. Hi Cora, I put out a call on Twitter begging for help. I think we might be able to get you some suggestions on a tea you might like. It’s so great to have you around. Hope your headache goes away in a big hurry.

    • The migraine seems to be on the downswing–the power of positive thinking! Either that or it’s finally giving up 😛 Thanks for the call out! Winter is coming and I’m back in the Midwest after many years away…definitely going to need something to help keep me warm!

  3. Oh, Cora, I totally agree with Slightly Married and The Soldier. I have reread both multiple times. In fact, the Slightly series is one of favorites, along with Ronald Joseph’s trilogy: The Kingdom; The Power; and The Glory.

    • I haven’t read Ronald Joseph before–I’ll have to check him out. And I’m with you on Mary Balogh’s Slightly series. I love them all, but there are more than five so I had to pick just one 😀

  4. Hi Cora,
    It’s great to get to know you via these questions. And yay for another vote for JQ’s Viscount!! It’s my absolute favorite book in her Bridgerton series as I’ve mentioned before. I know Romancing Mister Bridgerton is a popular favorite but there was just something about Kate and Anthony that really spoke to me. I also really love battle of the sexes stories so Viscount was definitely right up my alley. Even though it didn’t make my top five GAH! it definitely holds a special place in my heart.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a big tea drinker so I’m afraid I can’t give you any recommendations. Sorry!

    • Sorry I forgot to add that I hope you’re feeling better and I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well! Thanks for powering through and getting this post up even with a horrible migraine!

      • I love all of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, but Anthony was my favorite. And Kate was a perfect foil for him! I loved this book so much I even paid full price for it–a major no-no for me usually 😛

        Thanks for the well-wishes! The migraine is slowly dying down–few more days and I’ll be almost as good as new.

  5. I’ve always been a fan of Mary Balogh. On one of the loops someone mentioned the Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer and I’m revisiting that gem of a book. Had migraines most of my life so I truly sympathize. Good interview.

    • Y’know, I’m not so much a fan of her older stuff–I like the newer stuff better. You should read what you like (otherwise, where’s the fun?) but you might find something of hers that speaks to you. What kind of Regencies do you like? Maybe I can make a suggestion 🙂

  6. Hi Cora, it’s a delight to meet you and I do hope you feel shipshape real soon. Migraines are a real pita and when you’ve got one, you really wish the pain was there instead of in your head. Since I’m an iced tea drinker, I don’t really have a preference but right now, you want anything that will give you a caffeine boost – don’t know which teas do that but I know some do. Green tea is my refresher but it’s the healthiest so I know there’s no caffeine there. Feel better and I’m looking forward to reading your posts. : )

    • One thing about having migraines is that I’ve become a caffeine expert–it’s one of my triggers. Green tea has some, but not as much as the other kinds. Herbals (unless they’re mixed with something else) have no caffeine, so I try to stick to those. But to me they mostly taste like hot weeds 🙂 And so the search continues!

  7. In case you don’t know, Cora is a history buff and really great at spotting historical mistakes. I hope you get well soon so I can run my new Regency story by you. I keep asking myself: what would Cora think of this or that? Definitely needs Cora, though. As for tea, forget it. Ice water is SO much better for you!

    • I am! I was a history major in college (says the math teacher!). I’ve loved history all my life, and when you love a subject, hours and hours of research aren’t work, they’re fun 😀 And water is so much better for you–I drank buckets of flavored water when I lived in Miami, but I’m looking for something to keep me warm this winter now that I’m back in Michigan. I’ve been back to visit for Christmas, but I haven’t done a full Midwestern winter in some time. My feet are getting cold just thinking about it 😉

  8. Hey Cora! First, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your post. And, secondly, I really do hope your migraines resolve themselves soon. My heart hurts for you, my dear. 😉

    You love wounded heroes!!! Woot!!! Love that about you!!! We will get along famously then. Your book choices are fabulous too. Love the name Lord Wrexhem!!! Sounds like a delish hero!!!

    • The migraine’s coming along…I’m down to pain meds just once a day as long as I don’t even think about looking at a book (or the computer, for that matter!).

      I do love wounded heroes! I want to help the hero sort out his issues and make adjustments, to help improve the quality of his life. And if I can’t do it personally, I want a heroine who can 🙂 Must be all my years of teaching…or perhaps why I got into teaching in the first place!

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