Valerie Bowman Stops by for Tea

Valerie BowmanAs an aspiring author, one of the things I make sure I do is read Regency Historical Debut novels. I tell my husband, its marketing research, but mostly I want to understand what landed “The Call” for that writer. I also love celebrating that very special event of seeing your first book in a bookstore or online.  I even have a photo of a bookshelf in ebook,a bookstore of where my book might be.

I thought it would be fun to interview a debut author each month and see what it was like for them to get “The Call”. This way we can share in their excitement and learn a bit about them. Valerie Bowman has graciously agreed to be my first debut author.

Valerie’s debut novel, Secrets of a Wedding Night, will be released September 25th. I, for one, can’t wait to read it!

Valerie, welcome to Teatime Romance. Tell us about yourself.

This is my bio from Pinterest but I believe it adequately sums me up. : ) Regency romance author. Smithie. 7th sister. Dog lover. Cake eater. Lilac admirer. And imaginary girlfriend of Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill is the reason I keep watching Tudor reruns on BBC America.  Can you tell us about the book and the series?

SECRETS OF A WEDDING NIGHT is the story of a lady (Lily) who writes a scandalous pamphlet. When her former flame (Devon), who was recently jilted because of the pamphlet, comes looking for her insisting she write a retraction, the game is on.

The other two books in the trilogy involve Lily’s sister Annie and Devon’s closest friend, Jordan, (SECRETS OF A RUNAWAY BRIDE, March 26, 2013) and Lord Medford, the nobleman publisher of the scandalous pamphlets (SECRETS OF A SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE, Oct 2013). I am also writing two novellas based on other characters within the series. Those are set to be published in February and August 2013.

Tell us about “The Call”. How did you celebrate?

I was so lucky to have gotten the call when I was in New York City at the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National convention in 2011.  No one understands “the call” like your writing friends. And they were there, in the room, and we all jumped up and down. They also had cameras and took pictures of me actually getting the call which would NEVER had happened if I’d been at home. My critique partner, Mary Behre, happens to be a photographer and happened to have her camera out. When she realized what was going on, she started snapping pictures. I have some truly fabulous pictures of that moment. So surreal!

What’s the one surprising thing that has happened to you as a new author?

Getting emails from people asking questions about the book and telling me they look forward to reading it. You spend all this time alone writing and then one day it’s on other people’s radar. It’s an indescribable feeling, truly, and I am humbled by it.

We found a picture of you all dressed up for a Regency Ball. Care to tell us about that?

Oh, that was the most fun! For several years I’ve been a member of the RWA special interest chapter,  The Beau Monde, which focuses on Regency romances. However, my schedule has never permitted me to attend one of the famous soirees at the National conference. This year (Anaheim 2012) I got the chance. I had a wonderful dressmaker make me a Regency gown (I chose lavender because it’s my favorite color, regardless of the fact that during the actual Regency it was on the spectrum of mourning colors.) and was able to attend the soiree with my new gown and matching reticule. One of my very favorite pictures is of me drinking a beer in that gown. So funny!

As you know, this is called “Teatime Romance” so tell us what your favorite tea and scones are.  Do you have a recipe you care to share?

I famously do not cook so I cannot share a recipe. : ) Seriously, you wouldn’t want a recipe from me, but my favorite tea is peppermint. I drink it whenever I am sick for some reason and it makes me feel better mentally and physically…I think.

Valerie, thank you so much for taking the time to join us today.

Thank you so much for having me, Amy. I do enjoy a good tea with friends.

Valerie Bowman writes Regency-set historical romance novels with a focus on sharp dialogue, engaging storylines, and heroines who take matters into their own hands! Publishers Weekly calls Secrets of a Wedding Night, an “enchanting, engaging debut that will have readers seeking future installments” and Romantic Times Book Reviews says, “This fast-paced, charming debut, sparkling with witty dialogue and engaging characters, marks Bowman for stardom.”  You can find Valerie on the web at and on Facebook,  Twitter,  and Goodreads. You can purchase Secrets of a Wedding Night at Amazon   Barnes and Noble,   Books a Million


17 thoughts on “Valerie Bowman Stops by for Tea

  1. Man I love that she had photographers on hand for The Call and it’s definitely a great story. Thank you for sharing Valerie’s story with us, Amy. And thank you, Valerie for stopping by. We’ll forgive the little cooking mishaps and I personally grow the mint for the tea we serve, so you’re welcome to stop by for some any time.

  2. What a delight that you have pictures from your Call — those are worth a million bucks, right there!

    And I can attest to the loveliness of your gown, Valerie. It was gorgeous, suited you be-YEW-ti-fully, and looked terrific accessorized with the beer.

    I can’t wait for everyone else to enjoy SECRETS OF A WEDDING NIGHT. I look over at the ARC you signed at Conference this year and smile every time!

  3. Welcome Valerie! Thank you for joining us and telling us about your debut book-it’s lovely to have you here! I was lucky enough to score an ARC of Secrets of a Wedding Night at RWA and I can’t wait to read it!!!

    I love your call story, and how great that you had friends with you right there to celebrate and commemorate that moment with!

    And I’m totally with you-I have no real culinary skills to speak of. I can make eggs, but not much else.

  4. Hi Amy, Hi Valerie –
    Congrats on getting ‘the Call’, Valerie. I adore debut authors because there is no expectations, no past works to outshine and usually a tentativeness about a first novel that makes falling in love along with the characters like falling in love for the first time. I’m putting your title on my TBR list and will keep you in my sights.
    I adore that you were allowed to share your moments with your friends. A once in a lifetime moment and you weren’t alone with no one to share it – can it get any better?! : )

  5. I have to confess that debut novels always make me smile stupidly for hours. I get so happy for these authors. Love the cover, love the blurb, love the premise. I totally pre-ordered it. I’m a sucker for these things.

  6. Hi Valerie!!! (waving) So good to have you drop in for a spot of tea with us today! It’s always nice to have a proper lady slip into the tea room, one with Regency style and a modicum of 1800’s flair. Ah yes, your lavender gown proves just how well-suited you are to the role of Regency romance author. You’ve gone the extra mile to attend the soiree with proper attire. It’s my goal to one day dance the quadrille with a true Regency gown on and silk slippers. But I digress…

    I love that you got the call at RWA conference!!! What a fabulous way to share that once in a life-time moment!!!

    Thanks for stopping by today. I’ve got a release coming out next month. What kind of advice can you give a novice like myself before her book hits the reader’s sphere?

    And how has seeing your dreams of publication come true affected your life the most?

    • Hi there, Katherine, so good to see you! I’m still on the roller coaster myself so I’m not sure what advice I can offer yet but what everyone keeps telling me is to try to relax and enjoy each moment. : ) Congratulations on your release! As for how getting published has affected my life, I have to admit I get a bit less sleep than I used to. : ) There just aren’t enough hours in the day. But I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world.

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