Debut Author Nancy Northcott and her Renegade

Today’s debut author is Nancy Northcott. Book 1 of The Protectors, Renegade, will be released November 6th.  I’ve known Nancy from our local RWA chapter since 2007. She’s been a mentor for me in so many ways. She is constantly pushing me to keep going and not give up. Welcome to Teatime Romance, Nancy. Tell us about yourself and what you write.

 Thanks, Amy!  I’m delighted to be here. I started spinning tales when my grandfather and I drew stick figures together and made up stories about them.  We also read together.

I always loved popular fiction.  In grade school, that meant YA romance, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery/suspense as well as G-rated historical romances my mom owned or our local librarian recommended.  I now read just about everything except horror, including a lot of nonfiction.

Around age seven, I talked my grandfather into buying my first superhero comic book for me, and I loved the action and the adventure and the cool powers in the stories.  I was active in fandom for a number of years and usually make it to Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.

As my bio notes, my childhood wish to be a superheroine was doomed,  but writing lets me be whoever and whatever–and wherever–I choose, which is great! Renegade is most easily described as paranormal romantic suspense. It’s set in our contemporary world, in south Georgia, but it has elements of dark fantasy and a lot of action in it, too.

I’m so excited that your debut novel is being released next month. The cover is gorgeous! Tell us about it and how it came about.

Thanks!  This is all very exciting for me, and I love the cover, too. When the mage world’s most wanted criminal, Griffin Dare, rescues the southeastern mages’ top cop, Valeria Banning, from certain death, she has little choice but to listen to his claims there’s a traitor among the mages’ leadership.  Listening leads to investigating, and she crosses the wrong person’s agenda.  Val and Griff flee for their lives, falling in love and trying to unmask the traitor before her former allies catch up with them. The book started with my desire to write a paranormal.  Given my early love of superheroes and wizards, mages were a natural choice.  A mage is just another kind of superhero to me. 

Of course I needed a couple who could not be immediate allies, so I figured a sheriff (or shire reeve, as the mages call the office) as the heroine and a fugitive as the hero would give me that.  I gravitate toward stories with a lot of action, so that also had to be an element.

Even though Griff is an outcast, I didn’t want him to be completely alone, so I gave him secret allies.  My small-town childhood came in handy for creating Wayfarer, Georgia, where he lives under an alias. 

Finally, I needed a big problem that could grow as the series went on.  I have a great brainstorming group, and they helped me work out the details and refine the magic system.  I’m immensely grateful for their input. I love English history, so I developed a history for my mages that goes back to the Dark Ages.

Tell us what happened when you got “The Call.” I hear there may have been ‘signs’ involved.

My agent submitted Renegade (my title, by the way, and I’m delighted they kept it!) to my future editor late last year.  After following up in January, she called me to say the editor was out of town but would call to talk when she got back the next week.  “And,” my agent added, “I heard ‘Renegade,’ by Styxx, on the radio.  Maybe it’s a sign.”  I certainly hoped it was.

Two days later, I heard the same song on the radio while I was running errands.  One of those errands involved stopping at a local business.  While I was browsing, I heard the manager ask a guy at the desk, “So what’s your name?”

“Griff,” he replied, and a chill ran down my spine.  I’m not a big believer in omens, but I had to wonder at that point.

A few days after that, the editor called to make us the hoped-for offer.  She and my agent worked out the details, and I joined Grand Central’s new Forever Yours line, which is digital and PoD only.  The ebook will be out in just about three weeks (November 6), with the PoD available December 18. 

So its safe to say your new ringtone is Renegade by Styx? Your website states this is Book 1. Tell us about the series.

The series is called “The Protectors.  Each book will feature a different couple, as we romance readers expect, but we’ll also see characters from earlier books as the overall stakes escalate.  I currently have plans for six or seven books.

The second book, Guardian, revolves around Stefan Harper from Renegade and the Mundane (or non-mage) FBI agent he once hoped to marry.  Unfortunately for them, his secrets and her fears still stand in their way.  It’s scheduled for May 2013.

We’ll check in with Griff and Val and get a peek at Stefan’s past in Protector, the novella I’m finishing up now.  It’s scheduled for next March.  It’s about a wildland firefighter and a helicopter pilot, both mages, who thought a one-night stand had written “the end” to their attraction but are forced together again.

A favorite question we have for your guests is to ask what five books you’d take with you if the house is on fire.  It’s a tough question.

Yes, it’s fair to call that tough. 🙂  Five books?  Not five carloads?  Ouch!  That’s a touch choice, but let’s see…

I have too many romances and know too many romance authors to pick among those books.  So I guess I’d grabTo Kill a Mockingbird, the D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths, The Lord of the Rings combined edition, and the two photo albums from our son’s first year.

Finally as this is Teatime Romance, please share with us what type of tea do you like?

There are quite a few.  If I’m drinking it hot, I reach first for ginger peach.  In warm weather, I brew plain old Lipton but also like peach iced tea. 

Nancy has graciously provided a copy of Renegade in Kindle or Nook e-book format to one lucky commenter. Tell us if you are a rule enforcer or a rule breaker?

Nancy’s book is available for at these retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook (Apple)

About Renegade:

As the mage council’s sheriff for the southeastern United States,Valeria Banning doesn’t just take her job seriously, she takes it personally. So when a notorious fugitive and supposed traitor risks his life to save hers, she has to wonder why. To find the answer, she’ll have to put everything on the line, starting with her heart.


As a mage, Griffin Dare is sworn to protect innocents from dark magic, which is how he finds himself fighting side by side with the beautiful Valeria Banning. But when the council finds out the two have been working together, the pair must run for their lives–from the law, the threat of a ghoul takeover, and a possible council mole.


About Nancy:

Nancy Northcott’s childhood ambition was to grow up and become Wonder Woman.  Around fourth grade, she realized it was too late to acquire Amazon genes, but she still loved comic books, science fiction, fantasy and YA romance. 

Nancy became an attorney but eventually realized her internal superheroine needed more room to play.  She left the legal profession to teach at the college level and to write freelance articles and novels, most recently blending her extensive knowledge of fantasy into her own stories.  A sucker for fast action and wrenching emotion, Nancy combines the romance and high stakes she loves in her new contemporary mage series.

Married since 1987, she considers herself lucky to have found a man who not only enjoys a good adventure story but doesn’t mind carrying home a suitcase full of research books.  Nancy and her husband have one son, a bossy dog, and a house full of books.


33 thoughts on “Debut Author Nancy Northcott and her Renegade

  1. So happy for you and glad they kept the title and you got a great cover. Am proud you’d grab your son’s scrapbooks – they’re irreplaceable, you can buy (or download) books you’d lose. *wink*
    Look forward to reading their story! Best wishes in writing the others. They sound like the stories I like!

    • Tracy, thanks! I hope you like Renegade and its upcoming siblings.

      The boy’s photos are priceless. I would grab them all if I could, but that’s more than five albums. 🙂 When we downsize someday and pare down the books (painful even to consider), I can replace the ones I’d really miss in e-format, I hope. But I want those pictures on my lap!

  2. Thanks to Amy and the entire Tea Time Romance group for having me here. I tried to post this morning but had some issues with WordPress. I’m glad they’re smoothed out now. Y’all have a beautiful site.

    I love scones and tea, just by the way.

  3. Ohhh, tea! Hi Nancy! Hi Amy and Tea Timers! I’m really lucky, I got to read an advance copy of Renegade. OMGosh, SOOOO GOOD!! Y’all are going to love it. Action, a incredibly hot alpha hero, a smart, sexy capable heroine, and did I mention action? And magic! Love it!

    What a fun post and great blog ladies. Amy’s right you HAVE to get the Styx song as your ringtone. Grins.

    I’m a Constant Comment girl when it comes to tea, or Earl Grey. Strong and hot, or sweet and cold. :>

      • Jeanne, I just went into the kitchen to make orange spice tea. The teabag happened to be the last one. As I was putting the box in the trash, I noticed “Constant Comment” on the end. With synapses obviously not at warp speed, I thought, “Why does this box say Constant Comment? Is that the brand?”

        I actually looked at the front for the first time in a long time and discovered that Constant Comment is–duh!–the name of the tea. So I’ve been drinking it for quite a while and didn’t realize!

  4. I absolutely love your cover. I hope it’s to become a branded look for your books – each one has this hunky naked masculine chest on the cover. I could live with that.

    I’d be hard-pressed to name five books as well. (And I have put my kid’s photo albums in plastic storage tubs to be safe in the event of a flood) I have an illustrated hardcover version of The Hobbit that I used to read to the kids when they were small. I think that would be one of my five.

    Wishing you tons of luck with Renegade, Nancy. Can’t wait till it becomes available.

    • Thanks, Donna. I love the cover, too, and certainly would not mind others in that vein. We’ll have to see what the art department comes up with.

      We all love the Hobbit. I’m looking forward to the movie. The trailer is amazing.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes. I hope you enjoy the book. 🙂

  5. Hi Teatime gals! I like mine with milk, no sugar, thank you! 😉 Nancy, what a great interview. I can’t wait to read Renegade and I get a hot flush every time I see that cover! Love the sound of the story – wow, talk about high stakes! I hope you sell a million!

    • Anna, thanks. This was my first interview, and I had fun answering AMy’s great questions.

      I’m glad you like the cover so much. That guy seems to be very popular! Thank you for the kind words and good wishes. I hope you like the book!

  6. Hello ladies. Wonderful interview. What a lovely tale, Nancy. I find choosing only 5 books would be daunting. Lol Your Renegade sounds like my kind of story. Strong heroine, wild card hero, magic and lots of action. I’m putting it on my list. Good luck!

      • Ah, yes! Sorry. I’m an OCD rule enforcer married to an even worse rule breaker. He makes me laugh a lot.

    • Hi, Jo–Thank you! I hoe you’ll like the book.

      Picking 5 books was the hardest question to answer. There are so many in the house I love.

      An enforcer and a rule breaker? That sounds like our house! *g* I’m fairly compulsive about rules. The dh doesn’t so much break them as tend to feel not feel nearly so compulsive about them.

  7. Hi Nancy!
    Welcome to Teatime Romance and thanks for joining us today. Congrats and best of luck on the release of your debut Renegade!

    I think i tend to be more of a rule follower than rule breaker unfortunately. The prospect of getting caught and getting into trouble is just too stressful and doesn’t seem worth it, lol.

    • Lisa, thank you for having me! I appreciate the good wishes.

      You know, the whole getting into trouble thing is a major reason I’m a compulsive rule follower. Plus I think the rules level the playing field and thus make it fairer for everyone. Or I hope they do.

  8. Hi Nancy! Hi Amy! Great interview! I didn’t know that about the ringtone, Nancy. And the guy in the store named Griff? Chills down my spine too! I’m so excited for you and the upcoming release of RENEGADE. I’ll join the others in saying that is one fabulous cover!

    This time of year, I’m a hot flavored tea kind of girl. In fact, I have a mug of steaming Cinnamon Apple Spice sitting next to me right now.

    • Oops! Forgot to answer the question. I’m a rules enforcer. Comes from being first born. 😉

      Also, I already have a copy of RENEGADE so please don’t enter me in the contest.

    • PJ, Cinnamon Apple Spice sounds yummy. I prefer cold drinks in the summer, but from autumn to early spring, when the weather is chilly, I’m very much a tea drinker. Once cup of coffee a day is enough.

      Glad you liked the interview. I had fun answering Amy’s great questions.

      Thanks for the compliment to the cover designer (and the model *g*) and the good wishes. I’m excited, too. Just 19 days to go!

  9. Hey Amy, Tea Timers and Nancy!

    All the Banditas have been waiting anxiously for Renegade to hit the ebook world!! Especially me! hehehe

    Tea? Hmmm…I’m a sweet tea iced tea southern girl at heart. In winter though I do love a nice hot spiced tea or a sweet hibiscus tea.

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