The Southern Magic Luncheon

I’m attending my first Romance Readers’ Luncheon as an attending author this weekend.  Woot!!!  The Southern Magic RWA chapter is a great group in Birmingham, AL., and I’m happy to have been a member for many years.  The luncheon is one of their biggest productions and Southern Magic’s luncheon has grown by leaps and bounds with fantastic individuals at the helm.  There will be a catered lunch, door prizes, raffles, and time to chat with fabulous authors like: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, Barbara Vey (Publisher’s Weekly Beyond Her Book blogger), Katharine Ashe, Christy Reece, Susan Carlisle, Kieran Kramer, Manda Collins, Lexi George, Jennifer Echols, Carla Swafford, Lynn Raye Harris, Debby Giusti, Suzanne Johnson, Moire Rogers, Kira Sinclair, Laura Hayden, Debra Glass, Bonnie Gardner, and new authors Bambi Lynn and Alicia Pace.

My very first luncheon was the Heart of Dixie’s Annual Romance Readers’ Luncheon with Sherrilyn Kenyon as guest speaker.  Many of you know that I assisted the Heart of Dixie’s Luncheon and then chaired it for four years afterward.  So I’m uber excited to finally be a part of a luncheon this year as an attending author when Sherrilyn Kenyon attends as guest speaker with Dianna Love.  (What are the odds?)  And I’ll be sharing a table with the very talented Manda Collins!  Woot!!  Bringing along trunks of treasure for my guests too.

Do you think anyone will wear the pirate hats?

Aye, once the call comes, there are so many wonderful experiences for a debut author.  Getting the call, first edits, galleys and finally that very first book cover.  Developing an audience, purchasing promotional items, guest blogging and on and on, then become the primary focus.  And throughout all of this, an author is having the best time of his/her life.  I am!!!

The only draw back?  Finding time to do all of this and WRITE the next book.  A book launch takes energy, plenty of energy that should be focused upon writing that next book.  How do you find balance?  I’m struggling with this now even as I write this and prepare for the luncheon, but I’m not letting that get me down.  No.  Not today.  No sir-ee!

I’ve got packing to do, a wardrobe to agree on and a car drive ahead.  And the good news is I’ll be in the presence of fabulous authors who can give me advice on this very puzzling dilemma.  There’s nothing better than getting advice from authors who’ve been in the trenches, worked out the kinks and discovered what works best for them.   When in Tortuga…

So, as I venture on this voyage to a new and challenging horizon, I leave you with this.

If you’re aren’t a writer, how to you juggle everything life sends your way?

If you are an unpublished writer, what do you value most about writing?

And, if you are published, what advice can you give an author about to tackle that sophomore book?

All the best,

Katherine Bone

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3 thoughts on “The Southern Magic Luncheon

  1. As an unpublished writer with hobbies that also take a fair bit of time, I try to remember that there are plenty of ways to plan the other things in my life. Meal planning is the top of the heap for me and that involves being incredibly aware of exactly what kind of food stuffs are in my house. I have a full list of things that are in my freezer (the deep freeze in the basement) and I keep it posted on the outside, crossing things off and adding them as we use them or buy things. We also follow house cleaning practices similar those of The Fly Lady ( and have for years. (Admittedly this is a little tough right now as we replace the foundation of our house, but we’re persevering.)

    What it all comes down to for me is snatches of time. Plot for 15 minutes. Clean a room for 15 minutes. Write words for 15 minutes. Fold laundry for 15 minutes. You get the picture. I’ve found that 15 minutes is this magic number for me. I can do anything for 15 minutes with fantastic focus.

    • Jennelle, I love the 15/15 method. I need to start trying this. I bet you can keep up with things easier this way. A little here, a little there does wonders for keeping things tidy and everything on task.

      I’ve also tried writing in 45 minute sprints before. A fellow chapter mate and friend, Christine Glover, suggested it and I’ve found it works wonders. 😉

      Thanks for posting today!!!

  2. The luncheon was so much fun! I was blessed to be able to spend some time with some folks I’ve met in the past couple of months at the Southern Magic monthly meetings and meet some new lovely ladies.

    I “reward” myself with time to write or edit a chapter after I complete a housekeeping task. For example, do the dishes and I get to write/edit a chapter or comment on someone’s blog post:) Now the dishes are done, I’ve commented and the dryer has signaled it’s time for me to move on to my next task.

    Have a great day!!

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