A Review of Maya Rodale’s Seducing Mr. Knightly-and Giveaway!


I have been a fan of Maya Rodale and her books ever since her debut The Heir and the Spare released back in 2007. I really enjoyed her writing voice and have devoured her books ever since. Her latest series centers around a scandalous group of “Writing Girls” in 1820s Regency London. I enjoy books where the heroine isn’t afraid to buck trends and forge her own path, so Seducing Mr. Knightly, and the other books in the series, immediately appealed to me.

Seducing Mr. Knightly is the story of Annabelle Swift, one of the infamous “Writing Girls” who writes an advice column called “Dear Annabelle” for the London Weekly, and Derek Knightly, the owner and editor, whom Annabelle has loved and adored from afar ever since she met him. Unfortunately, Knightly doesn’t seem to notice she exists beyond her duties at the Weekly. Increasingly desperate to get his attention, and leave behind a miserable home situation, Annabelle takes the drastic step of asking her readers for advice on how to attract and seduce the object of her desire. In order not to tip her hand right away she refers to him as ”the Nodcock,” easily one of my favorite parts of the book. What follows is an increasingly hilarious series of escapades as Annabelle takes her readers’ advice, implements them (to varying degrees of success), and embarks on her quest to land her man.

I really liked Annabelle and related to her. She is a kind, giving, and generous person. For better or worse, she has lived her life on the sidelines, going along to get along. She bends over backwards, sometimes to her own detriment, to help others and “not cause trouble”, even if it means being stuck living with her brother and awful sister-in-law. Eventually, Annabelle decides enough is enough and works on being more assertive and learning not to settle I cheered as she went on her journey from “Old Annabelle” to “New Annabelle”, an Annabelle who isn’t afraid to ask for and go after what she wants. One hallmark of a Maya Rodale book is her heroines. They are strong, speak their minds (or learn to) and believe in themselves enough to strive for their dreams and earn their happy ending, and Annabelle becomes just that kind of heroine Tattooed Duke

After establishing a likeable heroine like Annabelle, an equally likeable hero who readers could fall in love with is needed, and Maya delivers with Knightly. Derek Knightly is handsome, hardworking, smart, and witty. His drive and ambition has helped him turn The London Weekly into a raging success read by high and low London society alike and he will protect the paper at all costs. The illegitimate son of an earl and an acclaimed London actress, he is driven by the desire of being acknowledged and recognized by his half-brother, the new Earl of Harrowby. When it appears he may achieve his goal by marrying Lady Lydia Marsden, while also securing the future of the Weekly, his life seems golden. But when he starts falling for Annabelle, and the Weekly’s future is put at risk by Lady Lydia’s vengeful brother, Knightly must decide what his heart’s true desires are and what is truly most important to him. While Knightly’s cluelessness and obliviousness at the beginning of the book, and the previous books in the series was a serious black mark against him, his eventual realization of what a treasure Annabelle and her love is, and his determination to fight for his Dear Annabelle and his beloved paper won me over. In particular, his GRAND GESTURE to Annabelle at the end melted my heart.

Seducing Mr. Knightly is a wonderful book. Maya immediately draws you into the world of the Writing Girls, and has you rooting for Annabelle and Knightly and their happy ever after. There is a lot of heart to this story, and Annabelle and Knightly’s journey is fun, flirty, sensual, intimate, and passionate. Both Annabelle and Knightly struggle with finding acceptance and yearn to find someone and someplace to belong. The fact that they find this belonging and acceptance with each other makes it all the sweeter. Love is a risk, but Annabelle and Knightly learn it is a leap of faith worth taking when you find someone you love, trust, admire, and respect.
I highly recommend Seducing Mr. Knightly. Maya’s writing is witty, charming, and fast paced. She balances humor and emotional depth with a deft touch, and her dialogue is sharp and lively. Annabelle and Knightly are sure to warm your heart, have you laughing out loud, and sigh with happiness. Maya Rodale is an auto-buy author for me, and has been from the beginning. I’m sad the Writing Girls series is over, but am looking forward to her next book and series.


Seducing Mr. Knightly is the fourth and final book in Maya’s Writing Girls series. The previous books in the series are A Groom of One’s Own, A Tale of Two Lovers, The Tattooed Duke, and a novella, Three Schemes and a Scandal. But Seducing Mr. Knightly can be read as a stand alone, and you won’t be lost if you haven’t read the previous books.

GIVEAWAY!! To celebrate Maya’s new release, I will be giving one lucky commenter a copy of Seducing Mr. Knightly. Kindle or Nook version, winner’s choice. To win, comment below! Or answer this question: What is the most outrageous thing you’ve done to get the attention of a crush?

You can buy Seducing Mr. Knightly at Amazon and B&N

To learn more about Maya and her books, visit her website HERE


34 thoughts on “A Review of Maya Rodale’s Seducing Mr. Knightly-and Giveaway!

  1. Congrats on the new release, Maya! I’ve heard many good things about Seducing Mr. Knightly and I plan to read it as soon as possible!

    Love your review, Lisa!And thank you for introducing me to Maya’s books ❤

    Now, to answer your question… I am laughing my head off because I've done quite a few embarrassing things to hopefully get noticed by a crush. Not sure if I want to reveal myself but I guess in the spirit of things, why not?

    With my first real crush back in elementary, I remember the day when we were to be given assigned seats in class. I had taken notice that the teacher was having us sit boy girl as we came into the classroom. And so, I chatted up the person behind him. How convenient to be next in line after him. XD I got to sit next to him all school year!

    Hmmm, that's not that outrageous, is it? Ummm, okay, this next one might be XD Actually, the guy though wasn't really a crush crush, but I think I liked him at some point. Maybe? Anyway, this is probably more like revenge than anything else. I was in computer class and we would have these typing lesson tests. You know, where the teacher would have you type out paragraphs without looking at the screen or the keypad? Well, the guy next to me had thought it funny to lock my caps when I wasn't looking. So, when I would finish and look back at my screen, half my essay would look all wonky. iT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS. And I would have to type it again! And these were timed tests! To get back at him, I switched the essay he was supposed to type out. I'll never forget his face when he realized what happened. An eye for an eye 😉 (Don't worry, our grades were not sabotaged. We walked out of class with A's!)

    I think that is all. For now? Hehehehe….

    • Hi Carrie! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by and commenting and for your kind words about the review! I love your stories. Way to go, taking initiative to make sure you sat next to your guy all year, lol.

      Hope you’re enjoying the Writing Girls as much as I do, and it was my pleasure to recommend them to you!

      • Glad to come by and comment.

        About taking the initiative in regards to my crush, not sure how much good that got me. It was like torture some days being so close. Glad I don’t recall much on that end. XD

  2. Great review, Lisa! I can’t wait to read this one and the rest in the series. As you know, I have read the novella and I loved it!

    I must be very tame because I’ve never done anything outrageous to get the attention of a crush. Unless you consider wearing something sexy as outrageous….lol

    • Hope you enjoy the rest of the Writing Girls as much as Charlotte’s novella. 🙂 You have a lot of great reading ahead of you, that’s for sure!

      I’m with you-never did anything outrageous to get a crush’s attention. But dressing sexy totally counts. The point is to get the guy’s attention, and that usually does the trick, lol

      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

  3. Great review, Lisa! I’m looking forward to reading this one. Maybe I’ve blocked it from my memory, but I really can’t remember doing anything outrageous to gain the attention of a crush. Of course, my last crush was almost 40 years ago. lol!

    To be honest, I was the shy girl (back in the day) who waited patiently for a guy to notice me instead of going after what I wanted. 😉

    • Hi PJ! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! And thanks for your kind words about the review. I hope you enjoy SMK as much as I do.

      You’re so sweet, vivacious, and such a lovely person-I doubt you had to be all that patient to get a guy’s attention. But I’ll take your word you were shy back in the day, lol 😉

  4. Wonderful review!I can’t think of anything outrageous I have done to gain the attention of a crush. Boring, I know.
    I too, love a strong heroine who is not afraid to go against society’s norms. Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the giveaway too! 🙂

    • Hi Jakki,
      Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! Seducing Mr. Knightly is definitely a fun read and I hope you’ll give it a chance.

      And yay another one who hasn’t gone out on a limb (literally and figuratively_ for a crush. Maybe we should start a club, lol.

  5. The most outrageous thing I have ever done. Was telling the guy I like I had feelings for him while we went around the block. Looking back that was most awkward situation when he said he didn’t want to pursue a relationship right before he left. Good times

    • Hi Melody! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting!

      As for your story-ouch! It stings and must be the worst feeling in the world, finding out someone you care about doesn’t share your feelings. 😦 But thank you for being brave and sharing with us.

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! 🙂 *hugs* I know how massive your TBR pile is, so I hope you get to SMK and the other Writing Girls books as soon as you can, lol.

  6. What a great question and what funny comments! I don’t think I’ve ever done anything outrageous for a crush…in real life. That’s what fiction is for! I did refer to Cosmo magazine for tips on getting guys but the really outrageous stuff Annabelle does I just made up.

    Lisa, thanks so much for the great review!
    Good luck on the giveaway, y’all! 🙂

    • Hi Maya! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! And I’m so glad you like the review. 🙂 What a relief! I was really hoping it would do you and the book justice.

      I’m betting Cosmo had all sorts of great ideas for you when writing this book, lol. I also like the idea of using fiction to do the outrageous stuff I probably wouldn’t do in real life. That way, I sorta vicariously really did it after all. 😉

  7. Great review, Lisa! I can’t wait for November to be over so I can start reading for pleasure again (must write more NaNoWriMo words first though). I think the craziest thing I did…hmm, not sure. I proposed to MrMr 13 days after our first date. Does that count? 🙂

    • LOL Jennelle. I think that definitely counts. Fair to say MrMr was very clear about your feelings towards him, lol.

      Good luck with NaNoWriMo! After this, must get back to NaFADOYBIMSCOM myself. 🙂 And I’m with you-dying for more free reading time.

  8. Whew, I made it! Hurray for lunch breaks! 😀 Great review, L. I think you hit all the reasons why SMK is awesome. (You don’t have to enter me for the drawing, as I already have all MR books. Thanks! :D) I have to say that I heart SMK so much. I can’t believe how many times I managed to laugh out loud while reading this book. Of course, it’s not perfect for me if I don’t experience that literal sort of pinch in the heart that I do so often crave and need in a read, and happily, this book delivered on both the happy and the achey times, which makes me one very satisfied reader. Just, all the Nodcock talk, NSIC, the protectiveness of everyone, The Obvious and The Oblivious times (and boy, there were many), the leaning (ugh, I’d melt too) and The Learning (unf, howeven do you not lose your heart?) and of course, all of A’s daring that led her to her HEA.

    I found A a very relatable character; so many instances and reactions just because I’d recognize an action/reaction that could definitely come from myself. (Honestly, when it got to the part with the whole turning off the brain thing, even before I read what came after, my own brain had already posed the questions and asked what A asked and K so very genuinely, absolutely answered a few paragraphs down. Which made me laugh and swoon and clutch my heart tightly even more.:D) And Mr. K. Oh, my God. His thoughts made me melt into blubber, especially when he’d say something that shows just how much he knows A. For example: “As he learned her, he knew that she had a heart that beat in overtime, and a capacity for feeling that verged on excessive. She rambled when she was nervous and possessed an extremely active and vibrant imagination. When he kissed her, he could feel her thinking, puzzling, wondering, and memorizing every second of it.” Perfect.

    As for your question, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything outrageous. If you don’t count stalking, I mean. Hahaha. C and I would follow my crush around campus during lunch or something. But that didn’t really amount to anything. I can tell you about someone else though. Early teenage years, oh, major crush, this one. There’s this boy who sat next to my best friend in class. I would frequent their area to chat with my bff, and eventually, settled myself right next to him for the remainder of the school year. He was such a boy though, and he used to tease this girl a few spots down. I would immediately defend said girl to him, and then it shifted to him and me sparring. He’d find so many ways to tease me and annoy me, and damn if I didn’t give him hell as well. Hahaha. I used to look forward to our verbal sparring, which would be the highlight of my day (If I could get him to grin and laugh at something I say, mission accomplished). So not really outrageous, but baiting him, bantering with him was kind of my way of making myself unforgettable to him. Funnily enough, we could annoy the heck out of each other, but if someone else tried to oppose the other, it immediately became an Us Versus Them, and there was no one who could go against us. (It wasn’t all bad too. We did sort of influence each other – he made me laugh more, be less serious, while I got him to apply himself on schoolwork (Think Ron. Smart, just not focused.) so it worked out. Hehehe. Oh, those were the times.

    • Hi D! 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! xo I think you have the makings of a reviewer with your comments and observations about SMK. SOunds like you loved it as much as I do. YAY! 😀

      As for your story, definitely sounds like you and the boy had some sparks going-well as much any early teens can experience sparks, lol. And you know what they say about boys, right? The more they tease you and give you a hard time, the more they like you. 😉 HA!

  9. Erica, when did you let Mr. Monroe out of the closet? When you became Mrs. Monroe? If y’all must know, when soon-to-be Mr. Marq and I were in high school, before we became a couple, I decided to try and see if I could plant the idea of him asking me to be his girlfriend in his head. I had my best friend at the time ask us after she saw us hugging if we were officially a couple. He didn’t fall for it, however, when we saw each other again after that, he said, “you wanna?” And we just celebrated our 7-year anniversary. I did tell him about this a year after.

    • Hi Patty! Thanks so much for coming by and commenting! And thanks for sharing your story-I love that you got your best friend help you out. Sounds like she was a good wingwoman. 😉 Happy Anniversary to you and your DH!

  10. I used to leave him notes on his windshield, signed with a lipstick kiss and I would watch him from across the parking lot. Not terribly outrageous, but a little mystery and stalking worked. I guess he figured it out because he asked me out and I thought I would die. We’re married now, so a crush can turn into true love.

  11. I can’t say I did anything ‘out there’ to get someone’s attention. I loved reading the comments.

    I’m surprised I have not read anything by Maya Rodale yet. This is my kind of reading.

  12. I’m too self conscious to do anything outrageous but there is a good looking guy at the gym where I work out. I admit to being extra diligent in my work out when he is around!

  13. Lisa, I’m sorry for neglecting to post before now. I LOVE this fabulous review of Maya’s book!!! You’ve brought it to my attention and (Woot!) I’m eager to purchase it for myself.

    Have I ever done anything crazy for a crush? Not unless you count my normal clutsy personality on a daily basis as purposeful crazy. Muahahahaha!!! I’m somehow able to achieve this without even thinking. Which makes me want to discover what Annabelle did to get Mr. Knightly’s attention? 😉

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