A Very Merry Christmas Cookie

I’ve been wracking my brain for two weeks about what to post today, but all I’ve been able to come up with are worksheets on the midsegments of triangles and stress relief techniques—things I needed for my Geometry and Psychology classes.  Then I thought, wait, this is easy!  It’s the holiday season, and our current theme on Teatime is food.  Where does that lead?

Christmas cookies.

We have our favorites in the Lee household.  There are the peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter cookies with Hershey’s kisses pressed into the middle.  They’re easy and very tasty, but my mother likes to leave them in the oven for just an extra minute or two, and they always end up crunchy (I like my cookies nice and soft).  They do double nicely as make-shift protein bars with all that peanut butter, and taste so much better 😀peanut butter blossoms

We also make cutouts with sugar cookie dough and homemade frosting (which consists mostly of powdered sugar).  My sister and I reveled in making these when we were little, using all the odd cookie cutters my mother had (even the non-Christmas ones), and slathering frosting all over them.  We’d even add sprinkles and small candies for detail—needles on Christmas trees, faces on Santa.  I’m pretty sure there were sprinkle faces on the stars, boots, and stockings, too.

Then there’s my favorite: Grandma’s thumbprints.  I am not at liberty to divulge the recipe, but they’re made from a very pretty brown dough rolled in chopped walnuts.  About halfway through the baking, you take them out of the oven and press your thumb into the center of each cooking, making a beautiful divot in which to place just the right amount of frosting (and sprinkles, of course).  Grandma passed away this summer, so this will be our first Christmas without her…and we’re making a double batch of thumbprints in her honor.Christmas_cookies

When I was very little, my other Grandma made lebkuchen at Christmastime.  These are German gingerbread cookies, thick and cakey and a little spicy.  Grandma and Grandpa moved to Florida years ago, so she hasn’t made lebkuchen for quite some time, but I’m thinking of prying the recipe out of her and trying my hand at them.  No one else in my family likes them, though, and it’s not as much fun baking just for myself.  On the other hand, it would be nice to have the house smelling like my childhood 🙂

This year my mother is determined to make something different in addition to our usual fare, but we’ve all been at a loss as to what it will be.  There are so many yummy, interesting cookies to make that we’re having a hard time choosing.  Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie?  Extra credit if you share the recipe!


8 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas Cookie

  1. I don’t have a favorite cookie for the holidays, to be honest. But MrMr? He’s a cookie fiend. His favorites are messing ones like Russian Teacakes but he’s also incredibly fond of a lacey and crisp oatmeal cookie. I don’t really know if they have a formal name. I think one of his favorite store purchased cookies is a locally made version of a Fig Newton. The Sainted Mother In Law used to make cookie boxes (ginger bread boxes filled with homemade cookies) and then give them away to all her clients. She’s retired now, but I’m trying to convince her to do it again for a special one-husband-run. 🙂

  2. My son makes the best chocolate chip cookies. He uses three different kinds of chocolate (milk, semi-sweet, and dark). He took the Toll House cookie recipe and went wild. My favorite to make is coconut macaroons. I uses the typical recipe with sweetened condensed milk, egg whites and coconut.

  3. I don’t really cook or bake, but I really like soft baked cookies too! Especially chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I remember in middle school we made these polish butter bar cookies for Christmas-SO good! I wish I had the recipe!!

    Thanks for a great post Cora. And aren’t secret family recipes always the best? 🙂

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