A Most Scandalous Debut

Ashlyn_Macnamara_Headshot_medWe have the first of two debut authors visiting the Tearoom this month. Please welcome Ashlyn Macnamara. Her book, A Most Scandalous Proposal, will be released February 26th. Ashlyn, tell us about yourself and your book.

Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I’m a Regency author who never intended to write Regencies. I was working on a series set during the American Revolution when I got bit really hard by the plot bunny that eventually became A Most Scandalous Proposal. Try as I might to set the story in Colonial Williamsburg, the book never wanted to be anything other than a Regency. Experience has taught me to give in in these situations, because if I don’t let my characters lead they get pouty and refuse to talk to me.

A Most Scandalous Proposal is a bit of a retelling of Sense and Sensibility (only with, ahem, love scenes), in that it features two sisters, and the plot revolves around both their romances. And like the Jane Austen work, one sister lets her heart guide her and the other likes to rely more on her head. You can read the first chapter on my website.

I love Sense and Sensibility. Please tell this is a series.sense-and-sensibility

My second book, coming in August, follows on the first, but it’s not really an official named series. A Most Devilish Rogue follows the adventures of George Upperton, who is Benedict Revelstoke’s best friend in my debut. George fancies himself a dandy and likes to affect a dissipated and cynical persona. He’s got a smart mouth, and I admittedly developed a crush on him when I was writing the first book. Imagine a younger, cleaned up Russell Crowe dressed in Regency togs.

Although I have seen what my publisher is planning for the cover art, and they have their own ideas—of which I totally approve. It is one hawt cover. Here’s the blurb:

Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man. Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter her illegitimate son, Jack. Having sworn off men in her quiet but dignified life, Isabelle is unprepared for the deep longing that rips through her when a handsome stranger rescues her rambunctious six-year-old from the pounding ocean surf.

George Upperton is a man in trouble with debts, women, and a meddling family. He is, by all accounts, the last gentleman on earth Isabelle should be drawn to. But loneliness is a hard mistress, and caution gives way to desire . . . even though Isabelle is convinced that happiness can’t be found in the arms of such a devilish rogue. Only when Jack is kidnapped does Isabelle discover the true depth of George’s devotion—and how far a good man will go to fight for the woman whose love is all that matters.

Sounds great! How did you get the call?

I missed the call when my agent wanted to offer me representation. I had been doing other things, but I signed onto my computer to look at my email, when I saw I had something from Sara Megibow. I was sure it was a rejection, actually, because she’d only requested my full the day before. So I steeled myself, clicked open, and saw where she’d tried to call my cell phone. She said she left a voice message. And my voicemail wasn’t activated at the time. And yes, it was an offer. She’d read my book overnight. Good thing she also emailed me, because I’d have had no way of knowing. Thing is, I never heard my phone ring.

We scheduled a proper call for the next day, and she’s always emailed me to schedule phone time since then. So when I got my sales call, I knew it was coming and was waiting by the phone.

We have a favorite question we ask all our guests. What are the five books you’d have to save if your house was burning down.

Would it be cheating to say my e-reader? I have more than five books on there. Honestly, I think I’d save my photo albums first. I don’t own any books that I can’t buy again.

As we are a tearoom, what’s your favorite favor of tea?

Iced. I know, very North American of me, but my mom always had some around when I was growing up and it became a habit.

You can find Ashyn on her Website, Facebook, or Twitter. A Most Scandalous Proposal is available February 26th at Amazon *  B&N *  Indiebound.

Macnamara-AMostScandalousProposalCoverAfter watching her beloved sister Sophia pine over the ton’s Golden Boy for years, Miss Julia St. Claire has foresworn love and put herself firmly on the shelf. Unfortunately, her social-climbing mother and debt-ridden father have other ideas, and jump at the chance to marry Julia off to the newly-named Earl of Clivesden…the man of Sophia’s dreams.

Since resigning his Cavalry commission, Benedict Revelstoke has spent his time in London avoiding the marriage mart. But when he discovers that the Earl of Clivesden has set Julia in his sights, Benedict tries to protect his childhood best friend from the man’s advances—only to discover more than friendship driving his desire to defend her. He surprises them both with the force of his feelings, but when she refuses him and her father announces her betrothal, he fears he’s lost her forever—until Julia approaches him with a shocking scheme that will ruin her for all respectable society…

…and lead them into an exquisite world of forbidden pleasures.


37 thoughts on “A Most Scandalous Debut

  1. Eeeee, Ashlyn! I’m so happy for you.
    As many of you know, I won an auction for critiques from five previous Golden Heart winners–one of who was Ashlyn. Best, most helpful, thorough critique I’ve ever received. I’m infinitely grateful.
    I can’t wait to get this book. So excited.

  2. Welcome to the tearoom, Ashlyn!!! So good to have you with us!!! ❤

    Like you, my characters won't talk to me or even appear if I don't report their comings and goings as they want me to. Insufferable! 😉

    Can you tell us more about your writing life? Are you a plotter or panster? When did you first discover your interest in the Regency and what stood out to you? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Katherine. Thanks for having me. If you ever figure out how to make your characters behave the way you want, please let me know.

      Oh, I am a pantser, definitely. AMSP started out as a situation–two sisters, one suffering from an unrequited crush and me wondering how that situation effects the other sister’s views on love and marriage. And I let the story take me from there. I can usually see a few chapters ahead and things become clearer as I go. Part of the fun of the first draft for me finding out where the story’s headed because I don’t always know myself. I keep writing to find out.

      As for the Regency period, I’ve always read it–along with all kinds of other historical periods. I never set out to write it, per se. My first manuscript (now under the bed) was a medieval, and then I started writing my American Revolution stuff, until this idea came along.

      • A panster!!! Who knew? LOL!!! I’m a cross species… plantster. Muahahaha!!! I have to know the beginning and end, but then I let the characters do the rest. 😉

        You don’t see enough American Revolution stories today. Used to love reading them back in the day. I do hope you get those published too. A great time period rife with conflict.

        Since you’re modeling your book, somewhat, after S&S, which of Jane Austen’s books is your favorite?

      • @Katherine, I’m becoming more of a planster by necessity, since for my next series my agent wants me to come up with synopses *before* I’ve written the stories. Wish me luck.

        I remember the days when historicals were not set exclusively in England, and I miss them too. I’d love to see more variety in setting and time period, personally.

        I’d have to say my favorite Austen work is Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t start AMSP with the intention of riffing on S&S. It just happened that way and I noticed partway through the first draft.

  3. Welcome to Teatime Ashlyn! 🙂 SO great to have you visiting us. I am so excited for your debut book. (Though I’m sure not as excited as you!) The premise ounds great and I can’t wait to read it on the 26th. And as a huge Austen fan, the fact that it’s a twist on S&S makes it even more of a must buy. 🙂

  4. Ash, you had me at “younger, cleaned up Russell Crowe.” [swoon] I can’t wait to get my hands on your debut book, then of course, the next. I’ve read your work and I’m sure you’ll be my next Auto-Buy author. WooHoo!

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