Writer’s Voice, Writer’s Choice

One of the wonderful things about being a writer is having the freedom of choice. Creating worlds where anything goes, characters interact, settings suggest theme/atmosphere, and genre. A writer holds all of these things and more in the palm of his/her hand. That, me hearties, is also why writers write.

Characters move in and out of a writer’s mind, suggesting plot twists, relationship arcs, who will live and who will die. The power of all this lies in the writer’s hands. At least that’s what writer’s would like to believe. Or does it?

Highclere Castle van de Carnarvon-familie, gel...

After watching Season Three from the BBC’s goldmine Downton Abbey, you might disagree. Hundreds of fans around the world raised their voices in alarm. Blasphemy!! Why? Why? Why?

Julian Fellowes terminated two primary characters in Downton Abbey, proving none of the cast is, never was, or ever will be safe. Was this the act of a writer choosing to steer the storyline in another direction for the sake of ratings? Story? Or was this a vendetta against actors who wouldn’t renew their contracts? Whatever the cause, Downton Abbey, and its fans, will never be the same.

The Vampire Diaries (season 2)

Take another one of my favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries. Writers of this series prove no one, not the actors or the storyline, are safe. In this series, major characters are killed without pause. The paranormal theme allows writers to reanimate previously dead characters however. I don’t think we’ll see this happen in Downton Abbey, but oh! if it could only be so. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Downton Abbey. The Vampire Diaries. What we have here is fearless writing. Taking chances without worry of angering viewers or readers. Doing what is inherent to the plot/characters. It takes great courage to write like this. It takes trust. Believing in a final vision.

In the instance of Downton Abbey and The Vampire Diaries, the fan base is huge. Enraging that fan base is a cataclysmic death sentence to the series and to the writer’s credability. It takes a great amount of faith to employ phenomenal choices like these.

How fearless are you willing to be as a writer? Can you name another writer or series who has inspired you?


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Voice, Writer’s Choice

  1. Oh my, this post is fantastic! One of my favorites! I adore both Downton Abbey and the Vampire Diaries and I think both are excellently written. I got into Downton Abbey by hearing one of my professors confess that it was her guilty pleasure. So I went to Costco & bought all of the seasons. I fell in love with it instantly (especially because it starts off with a Titanic scene, a movie I have been in love with since it came out). I can’t wait for the next season!! Thank you for this post and I’m lucky to have found a fellow fan who also adores the two shows I love the most!

    • Silimarin!!! What a fabulous comment!!! Thank you! We do think alike, don’t we? These shows have excellent dialogue and courageous writing! And by the by, I have all 3 seasons of Downton on DVD as well as The Vampire Diaries!!! Woot!!!

      • OOO I haven’t got the 3 seasons of The Vampire Diaries yet! 😦 But they are on my list of must haves, ASAP!!! I will keep in touch with your blog, it’s fantastic!

  2. I haven’t watched either show, but the two authors who most inspired me were Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Dunnett. One of the reasons I lost interest in George RR Martin’s books is that he killed off many of my favorite characters.

    • Hi Ella! Yes, George RR Martin is known for killing off main characters. Couldn’t believe they killed off Jason Mamoa’s character Drago or Sean Bean’s character. Great scenes but horrible ends.

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