Let’s Start a Rumor

Introducing…a Wild and Crazy Contest



It all started with a tweet from Elyssa Patrick saying she thought she could guess what my March 30th announcement will be: I’m a zombie. Well, you know I love eating brains as much as the next girl–who doesn’t, and besides, I could use my pink zombie whacker on the other carnivores. So I started to think, what other insane ideas could you guys who read our blog come up with as the deep secret I’m going to be revealing? I’m egotistical and I love seeing my name in print, so go ahead, let’s start some craycray rumors about me.

They're totally talking about me, like they do.

They’re totally talking about me, like they do.

But because I’m a true revolutionary, I decided to further spice this up by adding…HOT PICTURES OF MEN AND HOT WORDS. I’m a rebel. If you enter the contest, you could win Jenn LeBlanc‘s The Rake and the Recluse anthology. This contains all of the serialized novels–all of those awesome photos taken by Jenn in one volume, along with her great storytelling. The serial versions won the Bookie Award for historical romance in 2012 and the anthology is nominated for 2013.

The big PIIIINNNKKKK book could be yours

The big PIIIINNNKKKK book could be yours

So here’s how this works…

Tweet me, Facebook me, or comment on this post with your wild ideas. What’s the weirdest thing I could announce on March 30th? Be creative and have fun with it!

Twitter – http://twitter.com/ericajmonroe

Facebook – http://facebook.com/ericamonroeauthor

Contest will end on March 28th, and on March 30th with my giant reveal post I’ll announce the winner and share with everyone some of the suggestions I received.

The winner will be whomever has the most outrageous idea.

Winner receives an e-copy (Kindle or Nook) of the Rake and the Recluse.

On March 30th, you’ll learn the REAL secret…


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