Blue Ridge Magic with Robin Weaver

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Please help me welcome Robin Weaver to the tearoom. Robin and I are part of Carolina Romance Writers, an RWA Chapter in Charlotte, NC.  Robin and I also have that IT career thing going on in our day jobs.

Robin, welcome to the tearoom. Please tell us about yourself and what you write.

Although I’m happy to be living in the south again, I’m a long way from my childhood home in Tupelo, Mississippi. One day—in that very rural settings with cotton fields in the background and the ever-present hum of insects, my grandmother said something that made a profound impact on my life.

“If you don’t stop telling stories, the devil will come up through that ground and get you with his pitchfork.”

By stories, my grandmother meant lies. Did I mention she’s very southern? So what did I do?  Being a smart butt-in-training, I made up a story about Mr. Satan.

I’ve evolved into a schizo author,  writing mystery/romantic suspense and contemporary novels under my real name Robin Weaver, kinda/sorta. I say kinda/sorta because Robin is my middle name. I write fantasy/paranormal under my alter ego…eh, I mean pseudonym, Genia Avers. My first name is actually Sugenia, so SuGenia WeAvers. Don’t ask me why I added the S.Little Robin

I’m afraid to ask how you keep all that straight. Tell us about your debut book.

The first book I contracted was Blue Ridge Fear, but due to editing and scheduling differences, my fantasy paranormal Forbidden Magic was actually released first.

forbidden-magicForbidden Magic was originally titled, Ancient Skills and details the struggles of a woman from a vampire-like civilization who attempts to save her people by marrying a man she believes is her cultural inferior. The groom-to-be is heir to a country who controls the last source of plasmania, a blood substitute necessary for survival on a planet without warm-blooded creatures.

Because the market was saturated with vamps, my editor suggested I create a new race of people, thus my characters became Dökkálfar (dark elves) and álfar (light elves) who needed crystals that mimic Earth’s sun to survive.  Read more at Amazon.

blue-ridge-fear-robin-weaver-paperback-cover-artWhen I created the first draft of Blue Ridge Fear, I knew I wanted the story set in the mountains, but I had no specific locale (and thus no title). I’d been to Linville Gorge, I didn’t just see beauty. I sensed the terror a character might feel if she couldn’t hike up the trail.  And to appease my grandmother, I must admit my real inspiration came from the huffing and puffing on the two-mile uphill trek required to get back to civilization.

So I had my opening:Blue Ridge Mtns

The noise hadn’t spooked her—the mountain forest hummed with activity.  It was the sudden silence that sucked the air from her lungs. Someone, or something, hovered behind the dense foliage.

Sienna Sanders sat alone at the bottom of Linville Gorge—one hiking boot on, one off, unable to walk. The injury to her ankle negated hours at the gym and more hours in kickboxing class.

Her gaze darted in all directions, but she saw only trees and vertical rock. “Is someone there?”

Read more at Amazon.

Great opening! How did you get the call?

In this Cyberspace age, I got an email. Probably a good thing since is my ear-splitting scream didn’t deafen my editor.

With a romantic suspense and a fantasy paranormal out at the same time, what’s next in your writing?

forbiddenflame200x300Book II of the Forbidden series, Forbidden Flame, is scheduled for release next week (April 26th). GOOD NEWS: My publisher is offering Forbidden Magic free with the purchase of Forbidden Flame.

Thanks to the help of my fab critique partners, I think it has a rather catchy logline: “If love carried a death sentence, would you bite the bullet?”

This paranormal romance details an elfin civilization on the verge of extinction and is the second of five novels set on Lanatus, a planet inhabited by two factions of elfin creatures expelled from Earth.

You can read more at: Muse Publishing.

I just submitted book III of the Forbidden series, Forbidden Twice this month. I’m really excited about this book because I think the concept is rather unique. I have twins fighting over the same man—a triangle as old as Middle Earth, right? But…every time the women argue, an earthquake or tornado occurs.

I also have a novella, Magic’s Song, which should be released by the Wild Rose Press later this year.Blue Ridge Mtns2

We ask this question of all our guests: what five books would you save if your house was on fire?

Nuh-uh. If my house were on fire, I’d save my kitties, my ultrabook, and my Elvis CDs. That said, I’d use the insurance money to buy books. J  These are the first one’s I’d order:

  • Can You Keep a Secret by Sophia Kinsella. This Brit author is my idol and her books are LOL funny.
  • Anything by Linda Howard – the Queen of Romantic Suspense and Southern Snark.
  • The last Sookie Stackhouse book—by Charlene Harris.  Ms. Harris puts the AMPs in Vamps.
  • All the books by my critique partners, Linda Lovely and Ashantay Peters (Dear Killer, No Wake Zone, Final Accounting and Death Stretch). I count this as one book because I wouldn’t read them—I know them by heart—but I want them in my bookshelf.
  • War and Peace. Not buying that, huh? You got me. Sigh—a girl’s gotta try to look like a brainac, right?

And as this is a tearoom, what flavor of tea do you enjoy?

English Breakfast Tea.  I lived in Berlin, Germany, for three years before the wall came tumbling down.  The city was still divided into four sectors in those days, and the British Sector had a food truck that sold the most amazing tea.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

Thanks so much for sharing a cup with me!  I’d love to hear from you. (

Catch more about Robin at her website.

**A special thanks to Ashantay Peters for the Blue Ridge Mountain pictures.


8 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Magic with Robin Weaver

  1. Robin, can’t wait to add your new book, Forbidden Flame, to my official collection–even though I’ve already had the pleasure of reading a pre-published version of this gem. If you haven’t read Blue Ridge Fear, treat yourself to a copy soon. A fun romantic suspense with a great setting, memorable characters and a heroine who (lucky for us all) shares Robin’s patented sense of humor!

  2. Read Robin now so you can say you knew about her when! Seriously good in all the genres she writes, Robin is an all-around great author and super filled with plot ideas. Congrats on the new releases – and can’t wait to read Magic Song.

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