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coffee-laptopI have an early morning routine. Every morning between 5:30 and 6:00 am, I sit down with my first cup of coffee and start my twitter browsing and posting to Facebook to share with the RWA Special Interest Group the Beau Monde.

I post links to blogs about writing, history, fashion and other things of interest to those who write Regency Historical romances.  I constantly get asked how I find all the different things I’ve found and I thought I’d blog about it.

Lurking and Stalking

When I volunteered to be the Facebook admin for the Beau Monde, I wasn’t sure what I was going to post, but I had to post something to get people talking. I started lurking. I discovered “Two Nerdy History Girls” who post lovely things about history and fashion.  I followed them and then looked at who else followed them. I discovered the Georgian Gent, a lovely gentleman in England who posts about his ancestors. From there, it was just looking at who followed whom and following those who had interesting things to post.

Hash Tags

If you aren’t a frequent twitter fan, you may not understand the value of hashtags – those words in the front of the “#”.  Search on your favorite words like history, regency, fashion, romance; whatever you are looking for.  Also search for your favorite authors. You’ll make new friends and find some real gems of information.

regency-encyclopedaiPlaying Favorites

This is a hard one. There are so many, so I’ll try and list a few for you. First is The Georgian Gent by Mike Rendell. I’ve been following Mike on twitter for a while. He’s blogging about his ancestor Richard Hall from documents he’s inherited. You can find him on twitter as @GeorgianGent.

Those two nerdy history girls get me every time.  Loretta Chase and Susan Holloway Scott (writing as Isabella Bradford), blog several times a week with lovely jewels from the Georgian, Regency or Victorian time periods. Their fashion posts are stunning including prints and/or photos of antique dresses.  You can find them on twitter at @2nerdyhistgirls.

imagesEnglish Historical Fiction Writers don’t have a twitter account for their blog, but they all post from their personal twitter accounts. This is a great history blog with lots of interesting posts.  Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Rachel Knowls and Regency History on the net was another early find. She researches Georgian and Regency time periods and posts regularly. You can find her at @RegencyHistory.

Best fan girl moment on twitter?  Chatting with Amanda Vickery. I’ve seen her BBC histories and love work.  In fact it was through her tweets I found the Recipes Project, a blog by a group of international historians interested in recipes and their history. Find them on twitter at @historecipes.

I go back to Writers Unboxed repeatedly. While this isn’t a history blog, there are great posts about anything related to writing craft and business. You can find them on twitter at @WriterUnboxed.

There are so many more jewels to find on twitter. Follow, re-treat and discover for yourself.  let me know what you find today.


6 thoughts on “Twitter Finds

  1. It looks like I have a few twitter accounts to add to my following list now. Thank you so much, Amy. For a history geek like me, even though I don’t write historicals, this is invaluable.

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