Happy (Belated) Birthday, Teatime Romance!

Happy Birthday!

Teatime Romance has turned 1 year old.

Actually that’s not entirely true. As of this writing we’re one year, one month and 15 days old. You see, our real birthday was last month. On September 1st to be exact. It’s not that we forgot. No really it’s more that as of that very moment, we didn’t know it was September 1st… Okay, maybe we sort of forgot. But not for long and it says a lot about how busy we are here in the Tearoom. Guests arriving, snacks and tea to share, novels to chat about.

What we should have done is plan something grand and hosted a soiree or some such, complete with dancing and a magnificent dinner. Or even better, we should have gotten a whole crowd of us in on some great giveaway with books galore and a big celebration one whole year of continuous blogging. Instead, a few of us virtually toasted ourselves with our favorite beverage of choice and all of us continued to (calmly and in very ladylike fashion) dash from guest to guest serving treats and chatting about our favorite topic: romance.

Now this round of temporary forgetfulness isn’t a bad thing, really. On the writing end of things, we welcomed two new Teatime ladies, Jessica and Kimberly, to the blog and they hit the ground running with some awesome posts. At the same time, we bid a fond farewell to Katharine and Cora who sailed off to seek fair weather and good fortune in the publishing world as their careers ramp up. (Ladies, we miss you. Don’t forget to come back for a visit some time.) Jessica and Kimberly, we’re so glad you’re here!

We also spent time prepping for our debuts (Erica’s  first book comes out in December!), attending conferences (half of us attended RWA nationals this year!), generally taking advantage of some great Life Lessons,  revealing deep dark secrets about ourselves (we still love you, Lisa!), and just plain talking about romance (whether its fairy tales or highlanders).

Teatime also experienced an amazing influx of visitors over the last year, especially all the lovely debut authors. Add to that all these wonderful new releases that still more guests are sharing with us and what you have is this: our (initially) teeny little blog that started out as a crazy idea is actually bringing people closer to romance novels. Really great romance novels that we love and romance novels our guests love too (and in most cases would save from a burning building).

So you see we truly have been busy, dear friends. And if we’re a little late with the cake and punch, you have our apologies. The first year is always the hardest. We’ve been hard at work and we hope the coming year of Teatime keeps us just as busy.

Happy birthday, Teatime Romance. Even if it’s a little belated.

~ Jennelle

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