A Wallflower Moments Blog Tour with Maya Rodale!

It is my great pleasure to welcome Maya Rodale to Teatime Romance today! I first met Maya back in 2008 at the New Jersey Romance Writer’s Put Your Heart In A Book Conference. I had heard of Maya as an up and coming historical romance writer, but didn’t realize I was sitting with and talking to THE Maya Rodale at dinner that night. After meeting Maya, I quickly tracked down her books, and have been a fan ever since. Even better, I’ve gotten to know Maya, and not only is she a talented writer, she’s smart, has a sharp wit, and is a great advocate for romance.

Maya is here today to kick off her blog tour for her latest release, The Wicked Wallflower and sharing an exclusive excerpt! I am so excited about this latest series-how can you not like the idea of Wallflowers who decide to get a little wild and scandalous??!!

This is a progressive blog tour, meaning that readers will have to follow Maya from blog to blog to get the whole Wicked Wallflower excerpt.

So,  without further ado, take it away Maya! 🙂

Wallflower Moments Blog Tour #1

That Wallflower Moment…when your dance card is empty.

 photo wmbt1.jpg

By definition a wallflower has no one to dance with. Since she is most often to be found lingering along the sidelines of a ballroom lamenting an empty dance card, I knew that’s precisely where The Wicked Wallflower—and The Wallflower Moments Blog Tour—needed to begin (as you’ll see in the excerpt below). For the next week I’ll be blogging about all those exquisitely agonizing wallflower moments and sharing an exclusive excerpt from my new series (visit my website for a complete list of stops). Without further ado, meet me in that dim, secluded corner of the party and let’s raise a glass of lemonade to all the moments only wallflowers will understand!

Excerpt: The Wicked Wallflower and the empty dance card

Introducing…Lady Emma Avery, heroine of The Wicked Wallflower, and her friends Lady Olivia Archer and Miss Prudence Payton. Also introducing the queen of the mean girls in 1820 London, Lady Katherine Abernathy.

“I hardly have any names on my dance card,” Emma said, slightly despairing. This was not how she imagined her debut.

“There are just four names on mine,” Olivia said. “But I think the gentleman only agreed to escape my mother. I really can’t blame them.”

“I haven’t any,” Prudence replied glumly.

“The night is still young,” Emma declared. “And this is only our first ball of our first season.”

“I wager her dance card is full,” Prudence said. They all turned to look at Lady Katherine Abernathy—blonde, beautiful and mean—surrounded by a gaggle of young, handsome suitors. She smiled like a cat in cream.

Question: At a party, will we find you on the dance floor or with the wallflowers? 

Thank you so much for stopping by Teatime, Maya! Best of luck with the release of The Wicked Wallflower. Remember to follow Maya’s blog tour and join her at RT Daily Blog tomorrow!

Connect with Maya at her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can order The Wicked Wallflower at Amazon and B&N.


15 thoughts on “A Wallflower Moments Blog Tour with Maya Rodale!

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  2. Oh was a delicious tease of an excerpt! I can’t wait to read it all. Thank you so much for stopping by, Maya. I’ve enjoyed all of your stories and I’m excited to know there are more on the way.

  3. Thank you Ladies of Teatime for inviting me here today! I’m glad to hear y’all enjoyed the excerpt and it’s totally ok to sound like a total fan…we all have our fangirl moments! Happy Reading!

  4. Seriously, who doesn’t love Maya’s books?? Always an auto-buy. I’ve loved her since those Negligent Chaperones! Tweeted and shared

  5. Dancing, even if with other women or by myself. I’m one of those strange people who can’t stand still when there’s good music playing and if I see a guy who looks like he’s itchin’ to get on the dance floor, I’ll walk right up and ask HIM to dance. Never know unless you ask.
    Maya, started reading TWW last night – totally hooked!! xoxo

  6. Thank you so much for being here today, Maya! 🙂 I’ve started reading The Wicked Wallflower, and I’m loving it so far. Natch.

    As for your question, I’d probably be with the wallflowers, not on the dance floor. I don’t dance well, or often, and am too self-conscious. With the wallflowers, I’m with my own people! lol.

  7. Thanks for all the compliments y’all! For the longest time I was a wallflower, but these days you’ll probably find me out on the dance floor! Ella Quinn Author–HAHA! Characters like that are essential 🙂

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  9. Hmmm I’m still a wallflower so I’ll most likely be with the other “much” younger wallflowers. Err, well not exactly. More like I’ll be at the food stand and punch bowl. Yea that’s about right. I’m not a dancer or a party goer so I’ll be hanging around elsewhere. I know, it’s sad.

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