Which (Romance) Novels Would You Save from Fire?

Lord of Scoundrels

One of Jennelle’s “Save from Fire” choices.

Way back when we first started the blog (has it really been more than a year?) each of us posted in our introductions our list of romance novels we’d save from fire if the house were burning down around our ears. We only allowed ourselves five books, no more. I actually came up with my list of five to save fairly quickly.

All of us agreed that coming up with three wasn’t so bad, but getting that fourth and fifth one was a lot tougher. Which ones stay and which ones go? Did we have sentimental attachments? Was that copy of X novel our very first? Or was it an autographed copy we stood in line for hours to get? In the end we did all come up with five romance novels each and we collected everyone’s in a Pinterest board for you.

It turns out that our “save 5 from fire” question ended up  becoming a staple “fun” question for guests we interviewed at Teatime too. Of course, when the ladies of Teatime initially answered, we didn’t allow “my eReader” as one of the selections. Our guests on the other hand? Well, we cut them a little more slack and we opened it up to all books they’d save, not just romance novels. Still, we love it when they share those treasured gems that they really wouldn’t want to give up. We collected them in another Pinterest board.

As I was chatting with friends this past weekend at our annual Halloween party, the idea of this “save them from fire” reading materials came up in conversation. The books were fairly wide ranging as MrMr and I hang with some scary smart people. A few of them approached this similarly to the “you’re stranded on a deserted island” question where you’re required to pick 10 things you wanted to have with you while you waited for rescue. Others approached it similarly to how many a guest has: emotions and fond memories ruling the day. One friend said he’d save his Bible because his grandpa gave it to him. Another lady said she’d save her children’s books because her fondest memories are reading with them when they were young. There were the inevitable “but I’d take my eReader” attempts, which I quickly squashed because I really wanted to know which books would matter.

So now I’m curious about you, my friendly reader:

Which romance novels would you save from fire and why would you save them?*

For that matter, would you save romance novels or other books like my friends at the Halloween party this past weekend? Go ahead and pick up to five books. And no, your eReader can’t be one of them.

(*Another Pinterest board will be in the works once we gather your selections together!)

6 thoughts on “Which (Romance) Novels Would You Save from Fire?

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  2. I’ll save Nora’s MacGregor Grooms because her MacGregor books were some of the first romances I ever read-so sentimental value there. Plus, Ian and Naomi are one of my top favorite romance couples!

    Tessa Dare’s A Week To Be Wicked. I still maintain that while there’s no such thing as a perfect book, Tessa came damn close with AWTBW. I related to Minerva so much. And I love that while there is plenty of humor, and some aspects of the book almost veer toward farce, Tessa still grounds the book with SO much emotional depth and character growth/development. I am constantly amazed and awed by her talent. (Even though she has sternly told me I’m not allowed to risk my life by trying to save her books from a fire-she’ll send me new ones, lol)

    JQ’s The Viscount Who Loved Me. Julia Quinn. Bridgertons. ANTHONY. The Mallet of Death. Newton the Corgi. Enough said. 🙂 (And I’d totally be BFFs with Kate in real life).

    I’ll have to think some more but off the top of my head, those are the ones I’d definitely want with me as I escape the burning house!

  3. I second Lisa’s comments on AWTBW. I love it so much ❤

    My absolute favorites since I wrote my fire post have become Delilah Marvelle's Forever and a Day and Meredith Duran's Bound by your Touch.

  4. I would save my copy of “Gone with the Wind” because that is truly my favorite historical fiction EVER! I would save all of my Debbie MaComber books, I just love what fun and light reads her books are. I turn to them whenever I am having a bad day. I would also save one of my latest favorite books “A Thousand Years of Johnny Von” written by an author I just recently discovered, Edith M. Cortese. I really love the fun light story of this book, but especially love the author’s unique style of writing. This book will be another one that I will turn to in the future to take me away from reality.


    • Love Gone With The Wind, Ashley. I would also save Sense and Sensibility :}. A Thousand Years of Johnny Von sure sounds like a fun read. Thanks!

      • You are welcome Marlene. I love Sense and Sensibility too.. that would be a good one to save as well! I hope you get a chance to check out A Thousand Years of Johnny Von, and that you enjoy it as much as I did.

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