What Are You Reading?

Alright, Teatimers, it’s time to show us your bookshelves! I need to make a wishlist of new books for people to buy me for Christmas! So please leave some comments telling us what you’re reading at the moment, romance or otherwise.

Outlander_cover_2001_paperback_editionI’ve just finished reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Or, I should really say REreading since I can’t count the number of times I’ve read this book. If you’ve never heard of it, click here now. It’s the first book in a truly epic historical fiction series that has one of the best couples/romances in literature. Bonus: it’s soon to be a tv series. So jump on board this fandom before it goes truly mainstream.


I’ve also just finished reading Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1&2, and Henry V. In addition to being a Shakespeare nut (hello English major concentration!), I’ve been watching the amazing adaptations of these plays. You can watch them, too, thanks to PBS’s Great Performances series. Bonus: Tom Hiddleston, Ben Whishaw, Jeremy Irons, and about every other awesome British actor you can name (expect Benedict Cumberbatch, who was busy elsewhere making everyone’s ovaries explode)!

And at the moment I’m deep into some research for a new book, so I’m reading two books for that: Set Fair for Roanoke and The Virginia Adventure.

So what are you reading? Share your lists in the comments!


7 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?

  1. In a few short days, not one, but TWO books have threatened the sanctity of my “save 5 from fire” list. Now, I’m not saying they’re on the list, but as I was telling fellow Teatime lady, Amy, yesterday, there’s a good chance I’d die of smoke inhalation in the process of agonizing over the fact that I couldn’t take them too.

    The first is Katharine Ashe’s I Married the Duke. What really attracted me to this book and then bowled me over head over heels was the conversation. Yes, the talking. The witty repartee back and forth between the hero and the heroine. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all about the smexy scenes in a romance, but if there hadn’t been a single one in this book I wouldn’t have cared one whit. Not one. I could have survived on the conversation alone.

    The second, was Elizabeth Hoyt’s The Ice Princess. Really almost a novella rather than a novel and the entirety of it takes places almost exclusively in a single room. The conversations were great in this one too but the emotions of the characters that were so lovingly crafted were what really kept me going. There were times when I held my breath over the beauty and rawness of them.

    What’s really amusing to me is that both of these books are about ship captains. I don’t think my highlander obsession is waning by any means, but apparently ship captains are at the forefront right now.

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