New Things I’ve Discovered And Am Obsessed With

You know that feeling you get when you get when you discover something new and fall in love with it-to the point where you become obsessed with it and devour as much of it as you possibly can? That’s happened to me recently, and I thought I’d share them with you lovely folks so that I have someone else to share the madness with.
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1. Modern Family. It’s a show on the ABC Network that tells the story of a modern extended family. Family patriarch Jay lives with his second (younger) wife Gloria, their new son Fulgencio Joseph, and step-son Manny. His daughter Claire lives with her husband Phil, and their three children Haley, Alex, and Luke (they represent the traditional nuclear family). Jay’s son Mitchell and his partner Cameron live with their adopted daughter Lily, and recently got engaged, now that gay marriage has become legal. The show is done “documentary” style where the camera will cut away to the characters sitting on the couch talking straight to the camera. Modern Family recently went into syndication on USA Network, and I found some eps to watch when I was messing around with the On Demand of my TV. I loved it. I loved the humor and the chemistry between the cast.  But what most attracted me to the show was how much heart it had, and the relatability factor.  We can see ourselves in these characters because the situations they’ve gone through, we’ve gone through. The Pritchetts, Dunphys, and Tucker-Pritchetts are families we know and see every day. It’s a feel good family show. I also liked that we see a positive real portrayal of a family headed by a gay couple. Mitchell and Cam face the same relationship and parenting obstacles we all do. I ran into this You Tube clip, and was heartened to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and creator Steve Levitan talk about what a positive influence the show has had. It’s helped open minds and hearts, and given teens a vehicle to start dialogue with their parents.  I helped convince blog sister Erica to start watching it, and I’m so glad she enjoyed it as much as I do!

2. Pamela Clare’s I-Team series. I owe Julie James a big thank you for this one. She tweeted about this series awhile back, and I bought a few of the I-Team books based on her recommendation. I am so glad I did. The I-Team series is based around the “I-Team”, a group of  reporters writing for the Denver Independent, focused mainly on the female reporters. Since the I-Team series is romantic suspense, not only do these intrepid ladies fall in love, they also dodge bullets, solve crimes, and take down bad guys. I enjoy the friendship and solidarity among the ladies, and that Pamela expanded the scope of the series beyond crime in Denver. These books tackle tough topics like human trafficking, drug cartels, looting of Native American sites, prison inmate abuse,etc. Pamela’s training as a reporter comes through in the depth of the research for her books, and her meticulous attention to detail.  And Oh. Em. Gee. are her heroes hot and sexy!!  Many of them have military/law enforcement backgrounds, and the alpha, macho instinct to protect and give up their lives for the heroine if necessary is absolutely delicious. My favorite book of the series so far has to be Breaking Point. I absolutely fell in love with Zack and Natalie as they escape a ruthless and violent Mexican cartel and make a run to the border and safety.  And as a matter of fact, her latest I-Team book, Striking Distance, is out TODAY. You can get it here at Amazon and B&N.

3. Bahama Breeze. Bahama Breeze is a restaurant chain specializing in Latin/Caribbean inspired food. I ate there for the first time when I went to the New Jersey Romance Writer’s book signing. The company was great, and the food just as good. Their coconut shrimp was delicious, the tilapia was tasty, and their bread pudding was to die for. I definitely need to find a Bahama Breeze near me and go again!

So tell me-have you discovered anything new recently that you’re crazy about? Tell us about it below! Any other Modern Family and/or I-Team fans out there? 


11 thoughts on “New Things I’ve Discovered And Am Obsessed With

  1. Lori Foster and Jill Shalvis. I don’t know why I didn’t discover them earlier. The Voice and Adam Levine. I need to put him in a book. My grand daughter. She is so freakin’ cute!

    Great post, Lisa.

  2. I love, love, love Modern Family with a fiery undying passion now. Thanks for sharing! MrMonroe likes it too. What attracted me as well was the heart and feel-goodness of it. Every episode has a moment that makes me LOL and go awhhhh.

  3. I was that way when I discovered Richard Armitage. This was back when North & South first aired on BBC America so his backlist of credits at the time were only bit-parts such as his uncredited role in Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. So mostly I watched my DVDs of N&S repeatedly :p

    It had been a long time since I’d glommed an author’s backlist, but I read Nalini Singh’s entire Psy/Changeling series in less than 2 weeks just before Heart of Obsidian released this summer. I was a little bit familiar with some of the plotlines/characters, but for some reason had it in my head I wouldn’t like it. Boy was I wrong! Liked some books better than others, but overall I loved it. I am looking forward to rereading it before next year’s addition to the series.

    I am also addicted to JD Robb’s In Death series. I discovered the series very early on (when book 2 released) and used to reread every book before the next release. That became too much around the time the series went hardcover, but I have reread the entire series at least 3 times since then and still reread random books from it every few months.

    I rewatch the entire series of Firefly (including the movie Serenity) at least once a year.

    And you know about my obsession with the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version of P&P. I do hope guests at the Inn are enjoying it – lol! I also have multiple versions of all the other adaptations and have been known to rewatch them a lot.

    • LOL Kelly! I’m sure Linda, Ellen, and guests at the Inn are enjoying the DVD! 🙂 And I should thank you because you were the one who introduced me to North and South and the wonder that is Richard Armitage! Definitely dreamy and swoon-worthy in that mini-series.

  4. Recent obsessions? Does my paper shredder or my new document scanner count? I’ve been shredding through about 25 years of old papers that have somehow escaped my notice each time the recycling truck stops.

    Not interesting enough? Hmmm. Lessee…you know I don’t watch TV but I did sign up for Netflix because of business travel and I have discovered Lost Girl, which I’m enjoying rather more than I expected to. There are a few other shows that have crept into that list of potentials, but nothing that’s held my interest nearly as much as that one.

    I’ve been slowly working my way through Ruth Reichl’s autobiographical books about her life in the foodie review world.

    Good lord my life sounds boring as hell.

    • Shut up, You do NOT lead a boring life! I’ve heard good things about Lost Girl, but as I’m not a sci fi/paranormal person, the show didn’t really appeal to me. But glad you found something new to enjoy!! And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying how useful a good piece of office equipment can be! 😉

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