Celebrating Release Day with Debut Author Ella Quinn

ella-headshotToday we welcome debut author Ella Quinn.  Ella’s first book, The Seduction of Lady Phoebe, is being released today. Happy Book Birthday, Ella!

I knew Ella from the Beau Monde, an online chapter specializing in the Regency time period.  This July, I had the pleasure of meeting her in person during the Beau Monde mini-conference at the RWA National Convention.  Welcome to the Tearoom, Ella. Please tell us about yourself .

I started traveling at a very young age. By the time I was in kindergarten I’d lived in 5 states.  Then we went overseas with my grandfather. I spent my 9th birthday in Rabat, Morocco. We moved on to Tangier, where I discovered there is nothing remotely romantic about the Kasbah, but the palaces were lovely, complete with sunken tubs. That was only the beginning of my foreign travel which instilled in me a curiosity and appreciation of different cultures. As you can imagine, this helped a great deal when it came to trying to understand the Regency culture and mores.

I’m in awe of the places you’ve been.  Today is release day for you. I am so excited to have you here on this special day. Please, tell us about the book. Continue reading


Ashantay Peters and Death Stretch

DSC_6704Today, I welcome debut author Ashantay Peters to the Tearoom. Ashantay, tell us about you and your book.

I’ve been creating stories since my first set of paper dolls.  Poor dolls.  They often suffered sad fates like car accidents and fatal diseases.  Guess I had an instinctive knowledge that torturing characters is a good thing.  Then I attended school and learned to be nice.  Sometimes I wonder how many stories I lost due to my grade school teachers.

The idea for Death Stretch came from my friend and critique partner, Robin Weaver.  She was describing her first yoga lesson, which reminded me of my many failed experiments with the exercise.  We brainstormed about whether the class should be killed off or just one person.  Sweet, huh?  I truly hope no one taped our phone conversation.

I love that your story was based on a yoga class discussion! How did you get the call for Death Stretch?

Three full-length manuscripts are hiding among the dust bunnies under my bed, along with a few short stories.  Death Stretch was my first attempt at writing a mystery/suspense, but I’ve been reading the genre since my first Nancy Drew.  Luckily, The Wild Rose Press offered a contract after I pitched Rhonda Penders at a Carolina Romance Writers meeting.  If you aren’t in a writer’s group – find one and join. The support is invaluable. Continue reading

Oh Look Something Shiny!

I have a very special treat for you today, my friend Jennifer L. Hart. Please give Jenn a big Teatime welcome. — Amy

jenniferlhart I swear, somewhere in my background I have an ancestor that was either a Valkyrie or a magpie shifter  because all it takes is catching a glimpse of something sparkly out of the corner of my eye and poof, instant distraction.

No, it isn’t ADHD. My problem is more like my thoughts flow like a river and sometimes something comes along and cuts a new path to divert the water in a new direction.  Let’s say a novel is a farm that the river flows by. Let’s stick with the river analogy and say my novels are like fields of crops that require the water to thrive. If they go too long without attention, they begin to wither. Continue reading

RWA 2013 – A Different Kind of Conference

2013-07-18 15.59.26

Nora Roberts

Romance Writers of America National Conference was in Atlanta Georgia last week. I’ve planned to go since my first one in 2011 in New York City.  It was a bumpy path. I’ve had two roommates cancel on me. With all the family travel this year, I almost had to give it up. Almost.

For yet-to-be-published authors, RWA is a chance to learn about writing, pitch to agents and editors, and meet our favorite authors. For me it was an affirmation.

I had the chance to meet a few of the greats: Nora Roberts, Jo Beverley, Mary Jo Putney, and Candace Hern. Remember Rita Clay Estrada? The “Rita”? Met her in the bar. She was lovely. All the authors I met asked about my writing and encouraged me to keep going. They have all been where I am now: yet to be published. Continue reading

Vanessa Riley – Debut Regency Romance Author

headshot_VanessaRileyTI had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa at the Beau Monde mini-conference last week and knew I needed to interview her and her very interesting Regency Romance for Teatime.  Please welcome Vanessa Riley to the tearoom.

Vanessa, tell us about yourself.   

I am a very southern girl who loves to stay busy. I have an active eight-year old artist and wonderful active duty husband. We live in Georgia and from my porch, I get the best views of trees and pollen.

Another southern girl! Tell us about what you write.

I am drawn to historical romances, particularly Regencies. The wit of the dialogue, the color of the settings, and the strict code of honor and behavior, all delight me and get those creative juices flowing. Continue reading

Guest Post: Getting Ready for Taxes: What to do with Receipts from RWA

nancyToday we welcome Nancy Sturgis, a consolidation accountant with an automotive company and my baby sister. When I have questions on what I can deduct, what type of receipts I need to keep, I call her. In preparation for RWA next week, I thought a refresher on what we need to keep for taxes would be in order, so naturally, I went to the expert.  Please welcome, Nancy Sturgis to the tearoom.

Here we are again, sitting in the tax office having our taxes completed by a professional, and the question arises again “Do you have any other deductions?” and our minds goes blank.  Being prepared for your filed return is very important to everyone, especially those who have chosen to have a business. Yes, writers are considered a business.  Writers can have income and expenses throughout the year, but reporting the income and expenses can be a chore.

The IRS has a website that can be helpful, but it you do not understand or know where to start, it can be like reading a road map with no names. So, I will go over the most common deductions that might be used in a writer’s world. Continue reading