A Most Devilish Interview with Ashlyn Macnamara

Ashlyn_Macnamara_Headshot_medWelcome back to Teatime Romance, Ashlyn! Many of you may not know this, but Ashlyn holds a special place in my heart because last year I won from the Brenda Novak Auction critiques from the Secret Curtsy Society (Ashlyn, Sara Ramsey, Anne Barton, Erin Knightley, and Valerie Bowman—all the 2011 Golden Heart Finalists). Ashlyn took a look at the very first draft of what is now A Dangerous Invitation and really helped me figure out where I needed to go in the story. Not only does Ashlyn write great books, but she’s a prime example of the supportive romance writing community.

Macnamara-AMostScandalousProposalCoverAs our readers may remember, Ashlyn talked with Amy when her debut novel, A Most Scandalous Proposal, released in February. We learned a lot about Ashlyn then—how she is agented by Sara Megibow and how her first book jumped off from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility—but today, we plan to delve into the deep, dark secrets of Ashlyn Macnamara. Her second book, A Most Devilish Rogue, released on August 27th with the most scrumptious cover I’ve ever seen. Continue reading


Fairytales and Fun with Sophie Barnes

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Teatime Romance is proud to be one of the spots on the blog tour for new Avon Romance author Sophie Barnes, who previously wrote for the Avon Impulse line with the Somersby series and a stand alone novel (How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure, There’s Something About Lady Mary, and The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda).

My favorite cover of Sophie's from the Somersby series

My favorite cover of Sophie’s from the Somersby series

I had the pleasure of getting to meet Sophie at the RWA National Conference in July. She was absolutely delightful and listening to me ramble on, so even if I didn’t already want to check out her new series At The Kingsborough Ball I would have based on her sweet personality alone! Her new series all has one night at a particular ball–the Kingsborough legendary soiree–as the jumping off point. The only other series I know of recently in historical romance that spans the same points through multiple books is Juliana Gray’s A Lady Never Lies and subsequent books, so I’m excited to see how Sophie carries off this concept. Continue reading

Interview with multicultural romance writer Kianna Alexander

I’m so pleased to be able to welcome to Teatime today a writer close to my heart. Not only is Kianna Alexander a chapter mate from Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, but she actually managed to spend two 7-hour long trips holed up in a car with me without throwing me off a bridge. So, I’d say she’s a pretty special girl, wouldn’t you? (Amy Pfaff, who had to share a room with me for four days at the same RWA conference, is nodding profusely).

You may know of Kianna from her various indie historical romances, or from her paranormal romances written under the pen name Alexandra Kane. At RWA, Kianna was featured in a book signing along with bestselling, groundbreaking authors Beverly Jenkins and Brenda Jackson. Kianna is a rising star in African American romance and her voice spans multiple genres with equal success.

Today, Kianna is here to talk about her newest release, Freedom’s Embrace, which was published by Ellora’s Cave on August 1. Continue reading

Self-Pub Rebels – Success, Wine, and RWA

c265ec93a60ccb85bc14fae4faf25627If you remember my last post, I talked about how I’d be attending the Romance Writers of America National Conference, along with Amy Pfaff and Lisa Lin from Teatime. I got through my awesome London underworld workshop fine (thanks, Sasha for lending me your jump drive, Elizabeth Hoyt and Jade Lee for taking my nerves away, and thanks to the AMAZING woman who lent me her laptop), and the rest of the way I reclined in the sheer joy of being surrounded by so many wonderful romance writers. If you haven’t been to RWA, and you’re serious about writing (or you’re a librarian, etc), then I highly recommend it. I learned so much in those short five days that I can’t even begin to summarize it all for you. I’m sure we’ll have many posts on Teatime in the coming months spawned from our new RWA-centric knowledge. Continue reading

These Are a Few of My Favorite…Heroines

As you read this, I’m at the Romance Writers of America national convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been awash with nerves planning for this conference, especially since I’m giving a workshop at the Beau Monde (the regency-centered chapter of RWA) about the London underworld.

A few recent conversations with fellow blog sisters Amy Pfaff and Jennelle Holland got me thinking. I asked them how I could deal with my anxiety over meeting so many of my favorite authors. Jennelle, in her typical zen fashion, recommended meditating. Amy told me to remember that once the hard stuff was over, there was a party to be had. I’m all for parties, so that got my interest.

But then I started to remember an old game from my childhood. When I was young, I’d pretend to be someone from one of the many books I read, or from television shows I’d watch. I always picked strong heroines–for even as a child I was a feminist without knowing what it meant–and somehow, by pretending to be them, I felt stronger too. I had role models, fictional though they might be.

Now, as I deal with the stress of trying to finish all the edits on my book before my December 14th deadline, I’m keeping this technique in mind. I’m remembering the heroines I’ve fallen in love with over the years, and their struggles and accomplishments are guiding me through my own.

Perhaps these lovely women will help you too, dear reader, with whatever you need. As readers, we look for a story that will not only entertain us but touch our hearts. Continue reading

Sizzling Historical Books for a Hot Hot Summer: Part II

It’s only gotten hotter in the tearoom since my last post! Now we’re serving up cool sweet tea and handing out fans because you’re going to need them for Part II of my historical romance recommendations. You can read Part I here.

Today, I’m talking about historical romances with a heavier dose of angst than my earlier recommendations. From London’s drawing rooms to the countryside to the St. Giles rookeries, these British-centered historicals turn established stereotypes around.

1. Bound by Your Touch, Meredith Duran

5179+jqFgVLMeredith Duran is the queen of the dark, emotionally poignant romance. Duran’s prose packs such a punch that it as if every sentence redefines how you will view the world in her novels. I had such a visceral reaction to this book that it almost took my breath away–I felt so strongly for the plight of the heroine and hero that it was as if I fought their battles as well, running off instinct alone. Continue reading