The Appeal of the Bad Boy Hero

We love them. We fantasize about them. We sigh and dream about one of them sweeping us off our feet and whisking us off on an exciting romantic adventure. I am of course talking about the bad boy hero. They run rampant in romances-whether they be rakes in Regency historicals (man, London was full of them back in the day, huh), the tattooed biker dude, or the hero with the bad reputation and mysterious past, we love us some bad boys don’t  we? But what is it exactly about the bad boy that fascinates and speaks to us so?  I ask that y’all indulge me and allow me to philosophize and theorize about this all important issue today.

On the surface, there’s not much to like about the bad boy. He doesn’t follow the rules, and doesn’t care about society’s approval. In fact, he goes out of his way to break the rules whenever possible.  But the rebellion against the rules is part of the bad boy appeal, I think.  There is a part of us that admires someone who can thumb their nose at the rules, and stand up and challenge authority.   Continue reading


In Which Lisa Reveals a Deep Dark Secret

I know, sounds ominous right? And to be honest, I am a bit hesitant and uneasy over what I’m about to share. My romance writer/reader/fan card could be revoked because of it.  But in the interest of full disclosure, and being open and sharing, I’m going to divulge my deep dark secret.

Jennelle, you may want to cover your ears and avert your eyes.

You ready?

Here we go. Continue reading

Oh Look Something Shiny!

I have a very special treat for you today, my friend Jennifer L. Hart. Please give Jenn a big Teatime welcome. — Amy

jenniferlhart I swear, somewhere in my background I have an ancestor that was either a Valkyrie or a magpie shifter  because all it takes is catching a glimpse of something sparkly out of the corner of my eye and poof, instant distraction.

No, it isn’t ADHD. My problem is more like my thoughts flow like a river and sometimes something comes along and cuts a new path to divert the water in a new direction.  Let’s say a novel is a farm that the river flows by. Let’s stick with the river analogy and say my novels are like fields of crops that require the water to thrive. If they go too long without attention, they begin to wither. Continue reading

Atone and My Top 5 Beauty and the Beast Adaptations

I am super excited to announce that the second book in my Fairytale Trilogy came out last month.  Atone: A Fairytale is a modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast set in Los Angeles.


I honestly did not set out to write an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.  There have been so many great adaptations and it really is almost everyone’s favorite fairy tale.  Even thinking about it makes me break out in hives!  My saving grace is that I didn’t try to write a straight adaptation or to compete with those already stellar adaptations that already exist.  Here are my top five favorite Beauty and the Beast adaptations. Continue reading

Nancy Drew And Other Childhood Favorites-Plus a Small Quibble

I don’t know about all of you, but I developed my love of books and reading early. My parents would take my sister and I to the library every  weeks to borrow books. My sister and I loved going to the library-there was a whole world right there at my fingertips to discover and devour. I am convinced that it was there trips to the library that made me a lifelong reader and bibliophile. Reading was a fun hobby, something enjoyable to do, not a chore that was rammed down my throat. So many parents want their kids to read, and they turn it into something they force their kids to do “that’s good for you” like eating lima beans. (YUCK!)  I personally believe that’s the wrong approach. Yes, by all means, encourage your kids read classics like Little Women, Treasure Island,  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Charlotte’s Web, The Secret Garden, but don’t force it on them. Let them develop their own reading tastes, and choose what they’d like to read for pleasure. They are more likely to give the classics a shot if they’re already exposed to a wide variety of reading materials. So, in my opinion, it’s ok if they start off by reading comic books-the important thing is that they’re reading! Eventually, they will get to Dickens, Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, etc. Just give it time. Continue reading

On Books I Feel Compelled to Finish

graffiti struggle
There are people in my life that I trust implicitly in their recommendations. MrMr, my husband, of course heads the list, but I also include my girlfriend, The Divine Miss A (lover of cheesy bad movies where things get blown up), and my doctor, Dr. D, an old soul who seeks knowledge simply for the joy of it. While each of these people has recommended some great reading material over the years, they’ve all set me on to books that, for one reason or another, I’ve struggled with before conquering. Continue reading

I am sick of this manuscript

2012-04-22-burnt-outWe’ve all been there: staring at our writing ready to chuck it all and go find another outlet for our creative genius. We all get burned out.

Like most of us, I’m up at 5:45, shower, check email and promote things on Facebook, then it’s dressed and off to the day job for 9 hours. Then home again, dinner, clean up, then back to the writing until 10pm.  I read for thirty minutes and lights out. Weekends are worse: juggling errands and trying to get more hours in writing and still maintain that closeness with my husband. Sound familiar, doesn’t it?

I’m editing one manuscript, plotting the sequel in the series, plotting a romantic suspense; trying to write a proposal for four books for an editor, blogging, and the occasional article for our church publication. Oh and if I travel for work, I’m taking two laptops through security.  I’m traveling a lot this summer.

Life is tough enough without adding “writer” to my list of things to do, but can I stop? No. My friends at work all know when I’ve not been able to write because life has intervened. I’m cranky, seriously cranky. It seems that writing is my stress buster. Even my doctor agrees: it lowers my blood pressure.

So how do you handle that moment when you hate the manuscript, write yourself into a corner, or can’t bring yourself to pick up the laptop and edit one more word? Continue reading