Eva Scott Visits the Tearoom

Gladiatrix_Final (427x640) It’s always so exciting to have a new author in the Tearoom. Today’s guest is Ms. Eva Scott, debut author and romance writer, water baby, mother and wife. She and I share a love of research, especially about odd topics, so when I heard about a chance to interview her for her upcoming historical romance release, The Last Gladiatrix, I jumped at the chance to have her visit.

Welcome, Eva! it’s so great to have you at Teatime Romance today. Would you mind answering our traditional question first? Your house is on fire. Which five novels do you grab on your way out?

What an excellent question! Let’s see…would have to be (in no particular order of importance) The Red Tent by Anita Diamant, Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, The House of Pooh by A.A. Milne, Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein and finally I think I’d have to take with me My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell. Something for every mood. Continue reading


Saved by Emma Locke

AuthorPhotoTwitterRuth_edited-1You guys are so lucky. I had this maudlin post written that I just couldn’t get to work.  It was pathetic. A couple of weeks ago, Erica suggested we have Emma as a debut author and here she is!

Emma, I’m so glad you’re here with us on Teatime Romance! Tell us about yourself and what you write.

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for having me at Teatime Romance. I’ve been looking in the window wistfully for awhile now, so it’s nice to be invited to sit at the table!

I’m Emma Locke, and I am a newbie author. I started writing Regency-set historical romance in 2004 and I haven’t been able to stop since. The fact is I’ve tried, since I do have a really fun day job and sometimes I wonder why I torture myself making time for both. But no matter how logical it sounds to settle down and focus on my regular job, I can’t quite quit this writing thing. I’m addicted to the incredible high that comes after crafting a sentence that perfectly captures the emotion and information that should be conveyed to the reader. I also adore my characters and can’t ignore their cries for attention. And I’m pretty sure I will never tire of staring at the beautiful cover of a shiny new romance! Continue reading

Tea and Haggis Chips with Jenn McQuiston

mhs_2088.e1.lrwebsmWelcome Jennifer McQuiston to the tearoom as our second debut author this month. Jennifer thank you for joining us, please tell us about yourself and what you write.

During my first RWA conference in 2011, I announced to a crowd of people in one of the workshops “My name is Jennifer McQuiston and I write unpublished historicals”, which caused a few chuckles. I am giddy that I can now proudly change that to “published.” I did not start out planning to become a professional writer, although I have always loved English courses and—of course—reading. I am trained as a scientist and am a licensed veterinarian. My day job has me chasing disease outbreaks for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But once the idea to write a book grabbed me, I knew I wanted to write the one thing I loved to read above all others: Historical Romance. Of course, the researcher in me loved the process of fact-finding my choice of genre requires. Unfortunately, it took me a little longer to figure out my actual authorial voice… I wrote five full length novels before finally getting one published. Continue reading

A Most Scandalous Debut

Ashlyn_Macnamara_Headshot_medWe have the first of two debut authors visiting the Tearoom this month. Please welcome Ashlyn Macnamara. Her book, A Most Scandalous Proposal, will be released February 26th. Ashlyn, tell us about yourself and your book.

Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I’m a Regency author who never intended to write Regencies. I was working on a series set during the American Revolution when I got bit really hard by the plot bunny that eventually became A Most Scandalous Proposal. Try as I might to set the story in Colonial Williamsburg, the book never wanted to be anything other than a Regency. Experience has taught me to give in in these situations, because if I don’t let my characters lead they get pouty and refuse to talk to me.

A Most Scandalous Proposal is a bit of a retelling of Sense and Sensibility (only with, ahem, love scenes), in that it features two sisters, and the plot revolves around both their romances. And like the Jane Austen work, one sister lets her heart guide her and the other likes to rely more on her head. You can read the first chapter on my website. Continue reading

Wendy Vella and Her Reluctant Countess

wendyToday we welcome Wendy Vella to the tearoom all the way from New Zealand. Wendy’s debut novel, The Reluctant Countess, was released on January 14th. Wendy, welcome to the Tearoom! Tell us about yourself.

I was born in the North Island of New Zealand and have been married to a wonderful man for 29 years and we have two children who have, to the surprise of their parents, morphed from angst ridden teenagers into stunning adults.

I am a hopeless romantic who cannot watch a movie unless it has a happy ending. I’m not overly fussy where food is concerned and pretty much love everything as long as there’s lots of it. However after an illness I was tested and found to be a Celiac, which means I can’t eat donuts and chocolate brownie which I’m still struggling to recover from. My favorite meal is a bbq after a long summer’s day, especially if I can enjoy it with friends and family.

I am a cyclist, avid watcher of rugby and love a good joke. My favorite time of year is Christmas when my husband says I morph into a crazed Christmas Fairy with maniacal tendencies. Continue reading

Welcome Debut Author – Katherine Bone

Today we welcome a fellow Teatime Romance blogger, Katherine Bone.  Her debut novel, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night was released on October 29th.  Katherine, tell us something we don’t know about you.

First, let me say how strange this is to be interviewed here today, when I’m a part of this fabulous blog! Thank you, Erica, for inviting me to take part in Teatime Romance.  And thank you, Amy, for asking to interview me today.  Y’all are the BEST!!!

I’ve blogged before about growing up an Army brat. An upbringing like mine can be a life-changer or a life-arranger.  You might ask, how does this sort of childhood work?  Well, kids that grow up in the military either have a hard time making friends whenever they move around every 3 years or they learn to blend in.  I’m the latter.  What I dealt with growing up, making friends, only to have to move and make new friends, and then repeat the process, on and on and on, helped me learn to a lot about relationships, what works and what doesn’t. Example: By 2 ½ months old, I flew to Germany to see my dad for the very first time.  By 4 years old, I was living in Japan.  By 12, I was back in Germany again.  All in all, I moved 9 times within the US and overseas before I was 16 years old.  And guess what?  I loved it!  I loved the nomadic lifestyle so much I married into the Army and did it all over again; adding another 8 moves by the time my oldest child was 14 years old.  The lesson learned from my experiences has been, “life is an adventure and you are what you make of it.”  This philosophy plays out in all my books.  Hope is present no matter where you are or what your situation.  Hope and empowerment is a big theme I use in my stories. Continue reading

Debut Author Nancy Northcott and her Renegade

Today’s debut author is Nancy Northcott. Book 1 of The Protectors, Renegade, will be released November 6th.  I’ve known Nancy from our local RWA chapter since 2007. She’s been a mentor for me in so many ways. She is constantly pushing me to keep going and not give up. Welcome to Teatime Romance, Nancy. Tell us about yourself and what you write.

 Thanks, Amy!  I’m delighted to be here. I started spinning tales when my grandfather and I drew stick figures together and made up stories about them.  We also read together.

I always loved popular fiction.  In grade school, that meant YA romance, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery/suspense as well as G-rated historical romances my mom owned or our local librarian recommended.  I now read just about everything except horror, including a lot of nonfiction.

Around age seven, I talked my grandfather into buying my first superhero comic book for me, and I loved the action and the adventure and the cool powers in the stories.  I was active in fandom for a number of years and usually make it to Dragon*Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.

As my bio notes, my childhood wish to be a superheroine was doomed,  but writing lets me be whoever and whatever–and wherever–I choose, which is great! Renegade is most easily described as paranormal romantic suspense. It’s set in our contemporary world, in south Georgia, but it has elements of dark fantasy and a lot of action in it, too. Continue reading