Happy (Belated) Birthday, Teatime Romance!

Happy Birthday!

Teatime Romance has turned 1 year old.

Actually that’s not entirely true. As of this writing we’re one year, one month and 15 days old. You see, our real birthday was last month. On September 1st to be exact. It’s not that we forgot. No really it’s more that as of that very moment, we didn’t know it was September 1st… Okay, maybe we sort of forgot. But not for long and it says a lot about how busy we are here in the Tearoom. Guests arriving, snacks and tea to share, novels to chat about. Continue reading

On Returning Home

As you read this, I am in my adopted home state of Florida, being the surprise visitor to my mother’s 60th birthday party. This visit came as a surprise to me too, when my mother’s fiance contacted me to ask if my husband and I would mind being flown into Florida for the party. Well, I never turn a trip down, so here I am, back from the big metropolitan areas (hey, if you could see where I lived in Florida, you’d know why these cities are huge to me) of North Carolina.

Key Largo Palms And Sky

Key Largo Palms taken by Sxc.hu user Winterdove

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