Regina Jeffers: Jews in England During the Reign of George III

Regina-270x300The next book in my highly popular and award-winning Realm series contains several Jewish characters. When I started writing A Touch of Love, I was most concerned with portraying the Jewish population as it really occurred at the time. I spent countless hours in research, even setting several of my Jewish friends to the task of finding me volumes not readily available. Georgette Heyer’s Jewish characters were often criticized as too stereotypical. Therefore, I meant to avoid that issue. Each of the books in this series addresses a different issue: family abuse, religious sects, anorexia, etc. A Touch of Love addresses issues of “prejudice” in Regency England among social classes and religions.

Jews in England During the Reign of George III Continue reading


A Most Devilish Interview with Ashlyn Macnamara

Ashlyn_Macnamara_Headshot_medWelcome back to Teatime Romance, Ashlyn! Many of you may not know this, but Ashlyn holds a special place in my heart because last year I won from the Brenda Novak Auction critiques from the Secret Curtsy Society (Ashlyn, Sara Ramsey, Anne Barton, Erin Knightley, and Valerie Bowman—all the 2011 Golden Heart Finalists). Ashlyn took a look at the very first draft of what is now A Dangerous Invitation and really helped me figure out where I needed to go in the story. Not only does Ashlyn write great books, but she’s a prime example of the supportive romance writing community.

Macnamara-AMostScandalousProposalCoverAs our readers may remember, Ashlyn talked with Amy when her debut novel, A Most Scandalous Proposal, released in February. We learned a lot about Ashlyn then—how she is agented by Sara Megibow and how her first book jumped off from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility—but today, we plan to delve into the deep, dark secrets of Ashlyn Macnamara. Her second book, A Most Devilish Rogue, released on August 27th with the most scrumptious cover I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

Fairytales and Fun with Sophie Barnes

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Teatime Romance is proud to be one of the spots on the blog tour for new Avon Romance author Sophie Barnes, who previously wrote for the Avon Impulse line with the Somersby series and a stand alone novel (How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back, Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure, There’s Something About Lady Mary, and The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda).

My favorite cover of Sophie's from the Somersby series

My favorite cover of Sophie’s from the Somersby series

I had the pleasure of getting to meet Sophie at the RWA National Conference in July. She was absolutely delightful and listening to me ramble on, so even if I didn’t already want to check out her new series At The Kingsborough Ball I would have based on her sweet personality alone! Her new series all has one night at a particular ball–the Kingsborough legendary soiree–as the jumping off point. The only other series I know of recently in historical romance that spans the same points through multiple books is Juliana Gray’s A Lady Never Lies and subsequent books, so I’m excited to see how Sophie carries off this concept. Continue reading

Guest Post: Getting Ready for Taxes: What to do with Receipts from RWA

nancyToday we welcome Nancy Sturgis, a consolidation accountant with an automotive company and my baby sister. When I have questions on what I can deduct, what type of receipts I need to keep, I call her. In preparation for RWA next week, I thought a refresher on what we need to keep for taxes would be in order, so naturally, I went to the expert.  Please welcome, Nancy Sturgis to the tearoom.

Here we are again, sitting in the tax office having our taxes completed by a professional, and the question arises again “Do you have any other deductions?” and our minds goes blank.  Being prepared for your filed return is very important to everyone, especially those who have chosen to have a business. Yes, writers are considered a business.  Writers can have income and expenses throughout the year, but reporting the income and expenses can be a chore.

The IRS has a website that can be helpful, but it you do not understand or know where to start, it can be like reading a road map with no names. So, I will go over the most common deductions that might be used in a writer’s world. Continue reading

Secrets and Scandals with Darcy Burke

burke-35-small2Darcy Burke‘s got a secret…by day, she’s a mom, but by night she is a bestselling author of the Secrets and Scandals series set in regency England. I first met Darcy a few months ago, but it wasn’t until I started to seriously consider self-publishing that we really got to know each other. Darcy has helped me so much in understanding the indie world, and now has out three full-length novels and a novella. I was lucky enough to get to beta read for Darcy’s latest, Never Love a Scoundrel, coming out on May 15th. Never Love a Scoundrel is one of my favorite books now–one I definitely want to read again when it comes out.

Welcome to the tearoom, Darcy! 

Thank you for having me!

Can you tell us a bit about your Secrets and Scandals series? Continue reading

Laura Howard in the Tearoom

We are so happy to welcome Laura Howard to the tearoom. Laura’s paranormal fantasy romance is The Forgotten Ones, available May 15, 2013. It fits the New Adult age group. To start us off, Laura answered our five favorite questions.

1. What was the first romance novel you ever read?

Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas

2. Your house is on fire–which five romance novels do you grab on your way out?

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Thoughtless by SC Stephens

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

3. What is your secret passion?

Bad Boys

4. Why do you write romance?

Because of the fantasy of that all-consuming love that only exists for a select few in real life. My husband and I are partners who love each other, but real life can be a little less than dreamy. It’s nice to live through the sweet with moments through stories that rarely happen after 14 years of living with someone.

5. Is there anything in your book that comes from personal experience?

My heroine is a codependent introvert like me. That’s where our similarities end, though.

6. What is your favorite kind of tea and how do you drink it?

I like orange pekoe with milk and sugar.

Title: The Forgotten Ones

Author: Laura Howard

Genre: NA Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Expected release date: May 15, 2013

Age Group: New Adult

Cover Designer: Stephanie Mooney 


Book Description:

Allison O’Malley just graduated from college. Her life’s plan is to get a job and take care of her schizophrenic mother. She doesn’t have room for friends or even Ethan, who clearly wants more.

When Allison’s long-lost father shows up, he claims he can bring her mother back from the dark place her mind has sent her. He reveals legends of a race of people long forgotten, the Tuatha de Danaan, along with the truth about why he abandoned her mother.

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Kickstarting the Muse with Music (Part 1)

Today’s guest post by Kiersten Hallie Krum serves up part one of our two-part special on music and the writing Muse. Join us again tomorrow for part two. ~ Jennelle


Music note

Music Note, courtesy of Morten Kleveland.

A few weeks ago, I was struggling to focus and push through to the finish on the so-close-to-done-I-can-taste-it WIP. I decided to restructure my writing environment in a small way – kick start my tuchus into 100th gear.

I’m visually-oriented, which means I focus and comprehend better when images are involved. Apparently, my comprehension development arrested somewhere around picture books in kindergarten. I often write with the television on and the sound off, which, as you might guess, invites a great deal of distraction. My brilliant plan for reinfusion centered on using the Pandora network through my BluRay player and stocking up on soundtrack options as a soundtrack for my writing (see what I did there?); visual and audio all in one.

Pandora, that marvelous gift from the stereo gods, is great for random playlists when you don’t care what you hear, but give it a specific title or a band or singer and it will play everything but the one you wanted in the first place. The more names you feed it, the better the chance you’ll actually get to listen to what you set out to hear. But therein lay my dilemma – what tunes should I add to the list?

So I did what I always do when faced with such a predicament: I tweeted it. Continue reading