New Things I’ve Discovered And Am Obsessed With

You know that feeling you get when you get when you discover something new and fall in love with it-to the point where you become obsessed with it and devour as much of it as you possibly can? That’s happened to me recently, and I thought I’d share them with you lovely folks so that I have someone else to share the madness with. Continue reading


A Wallflower Moments Blog Tour with Maya Rodale!

It is my great pleasure to welcome Maya Rodale to Teatime Romance today! I first met Maya back in 2008 at the New Jersey Romance Writer’s Put Your Heart In A Book Conference. I had heard of Maya as an up and coming historical romance writer, but didn’t realize I was sitting with and talking to THE Maya Rodale at dinner that night. After meeting Maya, I quickly tracked down her books, and have been a fan ever since. Even better, I’ve gotten to know Maya, and not only is she a talented writer, she’s smart, has a sharp wit, and is a great advocate for romance.

Maya is here today to kick off her blog tour for her latest release, The Wicked Wallflower and sharing an exclusive excerpt! I am so excited about this latest series-how can you not like the idea of Wallflowers who decide to get a little wild and scandalous??!!

This is a progressive blog tour, meaning that readers will have to follow Maya from blog to blog to get the whole Wicked Wallflower excerpt.

So,  without further ado, take it away Maya! 🙂 Continue reading

In Which Lisa Reveals a Deep Dark Secret

I know, sounds ominous right? And to be honest, I am a bit hesitant and uneasy over what I’m about to share. My romance writer/reader/fan card could be revoked because of it.  But in the interest of full disclosure, and being open and sharing, I’m going to divulge my deep dark secret.

Jennelle, you may want to cover your ears and avert your eyes.

You ready?

Here we go. Continue reading

Katharine Ashe talks I Married The Duke and Ovarian Cancer Awareness-Plus a Giveaway!

 photo cover-AsheIMARRIEDTHEDUKE.jpg

Cover for I Married the Duke. Sooo pretty!

It is my great pleasure to welcome Katharine Ashe to Teatime Romance today! Katharine is a historical romance author with Avon and one of the nicest, sweetest people around. We clicked instantly when we met at the 2011 RWA Literacy Signing in NYC. She’s here today to talk about her latest release, I Married The Duke. It’s a wonderful book, filled with strong emotions, passion, adventure, and heroes with secret identities-all the hallmarks of a great Katharine Ashe book. I totally loved the book, and am so excited Katharine’s here to talk about it. Take it away, Katharine! Continue reading

Rock Stars, NA, and Contemporary Romance with Elyssa Patrick-Plus a Giveaway!

 photo STAYwithMe.jpg
I’m so pleased to welcome Elyssa Patrick to Teatime Romance today! I first “met” Elyssa back in the days of the Eloisa James/JQ BB.  Like me, she is a voracious romance reader, and writes contemporaries. Obviously, it was meant to be. 🙂 Elyssa a very talented contemporary/NA author and I was so excited for her when she decided to start self-publishing her novels. I have no doubt she’s well on her way to a successful and rewarding career. She’s here today to discuss the release of her new NA book Stay With Me which is the first book in her With Me series.   Continue reading

How Do You Find New-To-You Authors?

My roommates and I on RITA night! From left to right-Andrea and PJ from The Romance Dish, and Marni Bates.

The inspiration for the topic of this post came from a conversation I had with blog sister Jennelle. In response to her blog post a few weeks back about feeling compelled to finish a book, no matter how challenging it was to keep going, I talked the times when I pushed myself to finish reading a book, even though I was not feeing it. At all. The conversation also veered toward how I am a bit reluctant to try new to me authors, unless I can borrow the book from a friend or library. I can be tight fisted, and loath to part with my hard earned cash on an “unknown entity.” So that led me to think about how I discover new-to-me authors. And since  Amy did it-I get to show off my RWA pictures too! 😉 Continue reading

Nancy Drew And Other Childhood Favorites-Plus a Small Quibble

I don’t know about all of you, but I developed my love of books and reading early. My parents would take my sister and I to the library every  weeks to borrow books. My sister and I loved going to the library-there was a whole world right there at my fingertips to discover and devour. I am convinced that it was there trips to the library that made me a lifelong reader and bibliophile. Reading was a fun hobby, something enjoyable to do, not a chore that was rammed down my throat. So many parents want their kids to read, and they turn it into something they force their kids to do “that’s good for you” like eating lima beans. (YUCK!)  I personally believe that’s the wrong approach. Yes, by all means, encourage your kids read classics like Little Women, Treasure Island,  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Charlotte’s Web, The Secret Garden, but don’t force it on them. Let them develop their own reading tastes, and choose what they’d like to read for pleasure. They are more likely to give the classics a shot if they’re already exposed to a wide variety of reading materials. So, in my opinion, it’s ok if they start off by reading comic books-the important thing is that they’re reading! Eventually, they will get to Dickens, Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, etc. Just give it time. Continue reading