Against His Will by Nancy Kelley & a Giveaway

One of the best things about having friends that are authors is that sometimes you get to read their books before anyone else.  In the case of Nancy Kelley I get to read her new projects at multiple stages and because of this I have known for over a year what you are all about to find out.

Sebastian Montgomery is hot. Continue reading


Nancy Kelley on Writing Hot Austen Heroes – Plus a Giveaway

I am so excited to interview one of my favorite authors (and people) Nancy Kelley for Teatime Romance.  Not only does Nancy write some hot Austen heroes, she also co-owns the site Indie Jane which is all about independently published Austenesque fiction.

Jess: So, Nancy, I hear you started writing Austen adaptation because you heard Darcy’s voice.  Tell us more about this Darcy in Your Head.

Nancy:  Tall, dark, and handsome… Oh, you mean his personality. Darcy is absolutely honest. “Disguise of any kind is my abhorrence,” he says in explaining his horribly mangled proposal, and that’s really the core of who he is. So then how would a wealthy man who was probably pursued by several ladies (Caroline Bingley gives us an example of this) regard people who were only interested in him for his money? That explains why he’s so reticent to include new people in his inner circle.

His Good OpinionHe’s also astonishingly bad at reading people for someone who’s so clever. Elizabeth gave him several hints that she was not interested, and they all went over his head. In fact, the moment when I first met the DIMH was when Elizabeth was lamenting that he kept showing up on her favorite path, even though she said she liked to walk there. “I thought that was an invitation, not a warning,” this mortified voice said in my head… and the rest is history. Continue reading