Today is the Fourth of July and here in the United States that means we are celebrating Independence Day.  Everywhere else in the world it just means it’s the first Thursday in July.  It also means it is my day to post here at Teatime Romance, so I’m totally going to take the opportunity to share this video, because I love it.

Go ahead, watch it.  I’ll wait.

Now wasn’t that awesome?  Schoolhouse Rock, FTW.

And now, onto the real post.
One of my favorite things about the Fourth of July is fireworks.  Currently I live in Montana and these folks take their fireworks seriously.  Like my fellow Montanans, I, too, am a fireworks fan.  I’ve been to my share of sporting events with Big Bang shows after and theme parks aplenty. I’ve seen the various fireworks shows at Disneyland often enough that I know them by heart.  Fireworks, quite frankly, are awesome. Continue reading