Ramen and Romance During the Holidays

I am a foodie through and through, reading cookbooks for fun and planning out huge dinner parties I’ll never hold. I dearly love food-centric romances too and you find those popping up all the time during the holidays. Holiday celebrations mean food to so many people. Oddly enough, though, when I think about food and romance around the holidays I rarely think about multi-course, over-the-top dining affairs, and especially not the kind with butlers and servants and members of the aristocracy. I’m sure my blog sisters will all be deeply disappointed to know this, given that most of them write regency romance.

Ramen with White Bone soup - IshikaiAny time I think about food and romance, especially during U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, my first thought isn’t elaborate meals. No, instead I think back to the early days of my marriage to MrMr. We jokingly refer to those days as “The Ramen Noodle Era.” There was a time when we were too poor to afford much more than ramen noodles and boxed macaroni and cheese. So very little of what we ate was “real” food that at one holiday season we both started suffering from the first signs of scurvy. Gods. Scurvy. Can you imagine? From that day forward we put vitamin C tablets on our must buy list of purchases. And yet despite those early days, we were still ridiculously happy and in love. Thankfully, we still are. More than we were then, really. Continue reading