Teatime Romance is an all-subgenre romance blog dedicated to spreading the love of literature to both readers and writers alike. Featuring posts from six different authors of varying experience levels, we aim to appeal to a diverse audience. As an all-inclusive blog, we are always supportive of other writers’ works. If you would like to guest post on Teatime Romance, please contact TeatimeRomance@gmail.com. The posts by guest writers are copyrighted to their respective owners and do not reflect the views of Teatime Romance.

The staff of Teatime Romance is as follows:

Erica Monroe, historical romantic suspense
Lisa Lin, contemporary
Amy Nichols Pfaff, regency historical and contemporary
Jennelle Holland, romantic suspense and erotica
Kimberly Truesdale, regency historical
Jessica Grey, young adult and fairytale romance

And let us not forget the fine authors that make up the Tearoom alumnae:

Katherine Bone, regency historical, contemporary, and paranormal
Cora Lee, traditional regency historical

Teatime Romance was founded on September 1, 2012.

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